Volkswagen XL1, the new concept of the Super Efficient Vehicle

In the Qatar Motor Show, 26-29 January 2011, Volkswagen introduced the newest concept of SEV (Super Efficient Vehicle), Volkswagen XL1. This car is a development of 2 previous versions, Volkswagen 1-Litre (2002) and L1 (2009). What is interesting from Volkswagen XL1?

First, we will discuss the design of this car. Volkswagen XL1 designs similar to Volkswagen L1, but there are some addition parts as well as the technology that makes it more dynamic. Almost the entire car body is made of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer), so that its weight becomes lighter. Volkswagen XL1 is equipped with electrically controlled air intakes, LED headlamps, and a protective rear wheels to prevent air turbulence.

For the engine, this car uses a hybrid system with a combination of 0.8-liter two-cylinder TDI engine (produced 48 hp) and an electric motor (producing 27 hp). Volkswagen XL1 using a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, while the electric motors uses a lithium-ion battery. Maximum speed of this car is just 100 mph, because there is electronically limited system. Volkswagen XL1 very economical in fuel use, 1 liter/100 km.

Unfortunately, this car cannot we have now. The plan, Volkswagen will just offer Volkswagen XL1 in 2013. So, you have time to save money, so if the car has been launched, you can simply buy them.

11 thoughts on “Volkswagen XL1, the new concept of the Super Efficient Vehicle”

  1. Hi. I am thinking about automotive design for concept cars. What will be the best major with this?

    Yessssss! Thanks I am already specialising in mechanical engineering so fortunately im on the right track. attempting to transfer out. Interesting input xD

  2. i understand you will not locate one that’s available on the market. but can you really purchase one from the organization? just how much is definitely an average concept vehicle? all of the concept cars look excellent. i’d rather pay $100k to Denali XT Hybrid Concept from GM than investing $300k+ to have an regular Ferrari.

  3. They’ve this red brown clay they will use to make 1/2 scale vehicle designs sculptures. They appear to become harder when compared to a modeling clay. Among the finest to shape my very own concept vehicle designs.


  4. I had been looking at the QarmaQ concept vehicle and considered to myself it’s the best vehicle I ever saw. On the other hand I have stated that about many concept cars. The truth is these cars never reach production. Rather its the same kind of crappy boring designs. Could it be since the concept cars don’t work? If that’s the case why even demonstrate to them off. Why would I be impressed having a company which makes a pleasant searching vehicle that does not even function? Or possibly its obscenly costly to create?

  5. Can concept cars be purchased? Would they be driven on public streets?

    What is an idea vehicle, and just what are their piurpose?


  6. I saw a Honda commercial having a concept vehicle, and that i thought many would go to purchase it, but it is unavailable. What is the story?

  7. Virtually any concept designed vehicle has a far more advanced/edgy look compared to final vehicle design. How can this be?

  8. So why do they never build concept cars despite the fact that people think these concept cars are extremely awesome and would kill to get hold of these cars ?

  9. i saw pictures of the vehicle and it is the most wonderful vehicle i’ve ever seen. it had been an idea vehicle in 2003. does anybody know in whatever way i’m able to get hold of one of these simple, cash is no object, i’m prepared to pay any amount of cash with this beatifull vehicle.

  10. I truly wanna determine if someone has an interest in concept cars then how can i find out about these cars? I am talking about its purchase, performance, cost, sellers.etc.

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