Volkswagen Up Promotional Teaser Video

Volkswagen Up

We can’t figure out why Volkswagen Up is launched because as much as we like the cuteness – it’s yellow and radiant like the “Spongebob” aura – but this small hatchback seems no power inside and probably can’t compete with Honda Jazz, Toyota Yaris, or Suzuki Swift. Volkswagen tries to gain millions of attention for the Up! small hatchback by releasing a promotional teaser video. Never thought that something so small like Volkswagen Up needed this much of effort to gain attention.

The promotional teaser video for Volkswagen Up only lasted for 42 seconds which represent the joy because the small hatchback is about to come. The big unveiling for the small Volkswagen Up! hatchback will take place at 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show next month. The teaser video is showcasing an attractive young people jumping into the air, smiling, and seems can’t wait to see the Volkswagen Up. But, Volkswagen seems to forget one thing – where in the world is the Volkswagen Up? Oh, wait.. That is why Volkswagen refers it as “promotional teaser video”. The more curiosity Volkswagen Up! gains, so does the attention.

Volkswagen Up pretty much the same with the concept Volkswagen proposed. But, with the global economy still storming, will Volkswagen Up small hatchback survive the competition against other vehicles?

Another marketing strategy from Volkswagen Up small hatchback is rumors on the internet and online forums that the unveiling might be done online or at a special public event before September’s Frankfurt show. We still don’t know how we react on the arrival of Volkswagen Up small hatchback, just so you know that we are not as excited as the people on the promotional teaser video.

In case you are curious, here are the predictions on the details on Volkswagen Up small hatchback. The Volkswagen Up small hatchback will have two-door, four-wheels (obviously!), and the seats are enough to load four people. The power will be coming from a three-cylinder and the base price for Volkswagen Up! is €10,000.

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  1. like kia is improving designs since there is a design studio in Frankfurt Germany handled by Peter Schreyer the man who designed the Audi TT plus much more.My question is the reason why would Hyundai let its sister company Kia succeed in design? are able to-auto-show-2011-kia-optima/?src=mv

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    see that, they might put an acura badge onto it without a doubt with no you might notice it is not a genuine acura lol.

  2. Well I heard that Saab is saved by Spyker. However, I am also hearing that they are likely to release an exciting new 9-5 for that 2011 model year, that will start production in April 2010. My point is, will this vehicle arrived at Canada and could it be seen in the 2010 Canadian Worldwide Autoshow in Feb? I am worried about this model.

  3. Does anybody are conscious of any vehicle shows in europe/united kingdom which are approaching this season?


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