The Relaunching of Volkswagen T2 in Europe

Volkswagen T2

The first time Das Auto introduced the Volkswagen T2 Camper was during the 80’s where most of our team member were not born yet. It is very sensible why VW wants to relaunch the T2 Camper van as it was a blast of success during the 80s’ dreams. The T2 Camper will be offering in Netherlands, as we quoted from

The base platform for the Volkswagen T2 Camper is the 1960s Transporter van which we believe already served as family van during the aforementioned period. So, why Das Auto even risk its business by bringing something which well, old-school? The next big thing in fashion world which also affects the automotive world is bringing the old-school style back which most people refer its as retro.

On its glory days, the Volkswagen T2 Camper has a sofa bed, a sink, a stowable table, a kitchenette, a gas stove, and a refrigerator. Perfect features to get away during the weekend, right? Okay, what about the engine and performance? All the features will be useless if the T2 Camper doesn’t have the dependable engine, right?

Volkswagen powered the T2 Camper with 1.4L naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder engine which able to provide 80 horsepower. The engine is coupled to a 4-speed manual transmission and able to hit 0 to 62 mph (100km/h) in 16 seconds with top speed reaches at 84 mph (135 km/h). the new T2 Camper will be assembled in Brazil plant facility with the price ranges at €32,425 ($44,700) and €55,995 ($77,190.

9 thoughts on “The Relaunching of Volkswagen T2 in Europe”

  1. I have learned that Volkswagen still manufacture the classic Volkswagen camper t2 and thought it might be much more conventional to buy a replacement than purchase a vintage rust bucket!

    I am curious about the potential of posting one and just what costs the procedure would imply!

    Danbury motors includes a nice Brazilian import and conversion process but they are a scam!! http://world wide

    This is actually the volkswagen South america site http://world wide

    Hope someone might help me!

  2. i wish to purchase one and i wish to turn it into a project i do not mind if there stuff wrong using its interior then had not been harm to the outside enjoy it was crashed.

  3. See this picture:

    http://world wide

    How can i purchase the raising roof for T2 Westfalia (1974)?

  4. I’m thinking about a task to transform a Volkswagen T2 right into a travel trailer, however i am getting difficulty finding particulars around the weight from the bus, either in standard configuration or Westy conversion.

    And never to pile a lot of questions in here, however i am also presuming the T2 considered under the Vanagon/T3. Is the fact that correct?

  5. OK. Therefore the commercial is here now: http://world wide

    I truly, really, Love the van/bus that turns up at approximately :10, and I am like 95% sure it’s among the old Volkswagen bus/vans. I can not find this unique make online, and it may be a 1977 model but all of the ones I have seen just appear method to large, whereas the main one available looks large, although not how big a little bus like most of the ones I have seen. Please assist me men! OH and when additionally you know where I’m able to really get one I’d be very grateful!

  6. So ok someone provides you with an option between receiving a completely new Comes Royce Or perhaps an immaculate Volkswagen Type 2 camper-van, with new engine, awesome interior as well as in top condition. What can you select and why? Remember it has been provided to your free of charge!

    I’d pick the camper because its better and also you can’t sleep or create a meal inside a RR. As well as the camper increases in value.

  7. They did not. They were not even just in the very best 10 by 1984. How about the Volkswagen T2 in 1950? Hell, there’s most likely a couple of I am not considering before 1950, however it does not matter, since 1950 is way before 1984. And there have been many following the T2.

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