Official Photos of Volkswagen Up! 5-Door

Volkswagen Up! Five-Door

The Volkswagen Up! scores success which makes Das Auto has to drop another version, a five-door version to be exact. To know the first public reaction, Das Auto released sets of official photos of the five-door city car and some details as well. Judging by the photos, not much of changes on the Up! five-door as the size is similar with the three-door version, as well as the engine choices and features. So, although you know the general features, you still curious about the design and styling, right?

Volkswagen Up! Five-Door side view

What makes the new Volkswagen Up! five-door different from the three-door version is the fact that the city car gets additional extra two doors. The rear passengers has 79.5mm (31.1-inches) of legroom and 94.7cm (37.3-inches) of headroom. We know you don’t like the figures, but we have to share with you so you know how much the dimension of this vehicle. For the luggage space, mentioned that the total amount of space is 252 liters or equals to 8.9 cubic-feet and can be extended by folding the rear seats up to 951 liters or 33.6 cubic-feet.

Volkswagen Up! Five-Door rear view

Since the engine choice is the same with the three-door Up!, the five-door version of German city is powered by two versions of 1.0L three-cylinder units with total power output of 60 and 75 horsepower. The basic price tag for this vehicle is €10,325 which means that there has been €475 increase over the three-door model. The order for Volkswagen Up! five-door starts on March with the delivery might be around May for the German market with other markets could be launched on summer.

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