Official Introduction for Volkswagen Up

Volkswagen Up - official photo

The Volkswagen Up is no longer a concept because the four-door hatchback has earned its official unveil to the world. Not much of expectations over the Volkswagen Up hatchback because Das Auto is in need to create vehicle which is both revolutionary and cost effective.

The Volkswagen Up hatchback has 3.54 meters in length which is obviously is smaller than a MINI. Yes folks… Not only Volkswagen that wishes the Volkswagen Up hatchback could offer tight competition against the Citroen C1 and of course the Fiat 500. Do you notice the wheel at the Volkswagen Up hatchback? That wheel is very ideal maneuvering in and out tight curves in the city. Oh… the Volkswagen Up hatchback turns up is frisky, don’t you think?

Volkswagen Up - official photo side view

The rear engine on the Volkswagen Up hatchback has gone, alongside with the RWD configuration and replaced by frugal –three cylinder engine which installed under the hood of the frisky hatchback. There are two petrol units of the 1.0L displacement which provide either 60 horsepower or 75 horsepower. the Volkswagen Up hatchback is intended to be city car and the remarkable fuel economy usage is contributed by none other than the Volkswagen’s BlueMotion Technology which placed the two petrol units under 100gr of CO2 per km.

Volkswagen Up - official photo interior

Volkswagen stated that the LPG version and an electric version for the Volkswagen Up hatchback by 2013. The design of the Volkswagen Up hatchback is angular and a bit of boxy, right? Not much to look at, but we find out the interior of the Volkswagen Up hatchback is interesting and offers the ordinary VW sober quality mixed with a bit of fresh young spirit.

Volkswagen Up - official photo rear view

Klaus Bischoff – the Head of Design for the Volkswagen Brand stated the reason behind the boxy design of the Volkswagen Up hatchback, “If the goal is to maximize space, the ideal form for a small car would be a rectangular box. In the up we were able to sculpt such a box with a clean and powerful design that does not lose sight of space utilization.”

The Volkswagen Up hatchback ready for European showrooms in December.

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  1. Among the finest to understand if it is possible of there as being a hatchback social. Otherwise, what is the method to convert the most recent social right into a hatchback?

  2. My 2009 Toyota Corolla hatchback includes a flat space over the center console/mind unit that will most probably be employed to hold tissue boxes (regardless of the danger). I wish to attach my Gps navigation holder for this space, consider the top is slightly bumpy, the suction pad appears about ten seconds after it’s attached.

    How do i attach the unit for this space?

  3. My mother calls my Volkswagen Golf a hatchback after which sees a Mazda3 5-door and calls it a wagon. She states they are different however i aren’t seeing it.

  4. I’ve got a 93 hatchback and that i wanna acquire some nice searching rims however i shouldn’t need to customize the shocks or get brand new ones. What exactly would be the greatest group of rims and tires i possibly could get without needing to get new shocks?

  5. My boy requested a bithday present which is what he requested only i’m not sure what will be the perfect for what he’s searching to complete to his vehicle. Its a 1999 Honda Social DX hatchback. He’s searching for the cat-back exhaust system that both sounds and appears nice on his vehicle. Any suggestions on brands types etc tell me since the sooner the greater! Thanks


  6. I am looking for a alternative part in my 1992 Acura Integra. Particularly the shock absober / damper / piston that can help keep your hatchback up. Mine have unsuccessful, and so i can’t keep your hatchback available to load / unload things from the back from the vehicle.

    I begin to see the stock part is really a Showa 1L06, however i aren’t able to find the part online.

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