Welcome to India, Volkswagen Jetta

2011 Volkswagen Jetta

The new Volkswagen Jetta sedan is trying to impress the Indian market. The official launch of the new VW Jetta sedan is planning to take place on August 17th which accidentally of not, the same day for Maruti Suzuki Swift to enter the Indian auto market. Volkswagen Jetta sedan against the Maruti Suzuki Swift hatchback? It sounds unfair, but in the automotive worlds, as long as its fair competition, bring it on. The India division of Volkswagen is confident that the launch of their Volkswagen Jetta sedan will not be over-step by the Maruti Suzuki Swift.

The new Volkswagen Jetta sedan has vastly improved compare to the previous model and Volkswagen India really expected that Jetta is able to raise the bar significantly. We think that the predecessor of current Volkswagen Jetta sedan is dull and downright boring; but the new Volkswagen Jetta sedan has an average, solid and clean look.

For the Indian market, the Volkswagen Jetta sedan will be offered in two engine variants: the usual 2.0L TDI engine which able to produce 140 horsepower, and the 1.8L turbo petrol engine which able to give 160 horsepower. No official confirmation over the diesel engine, because the last time Volkswagen India launched the VW Passat, they only offer the diesel engine version.

Volkswagen Jetta might be using the BlueMotion technology as an option because when Volkswagen India launched the Passat, they indicated that all Volkswagen cars in India would get the fuel saving-emission cutting-edge BlueMotion technology. So, India, are you ready for the BlueMotion technology on the all new Volkswagen Jetta?

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  2. Like I heard that the 2 door sedan happens when it’s a lot more than 33 cubic ft of rear interior volume…

    Just how much does it increase my insurance by? (In texas) Presently possess a 2002 Toyota Sequoia I am 17 therefore the insurance is going to be greater if I am below 25.

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    Any estimate could be appreciated!

  5. By sedan, I am talking about something similar to a Toyota Camry, where there is a separate shoe. Hatchback could be something similar to a Toyota Prius.

    lol, it’s okay Cole, it’s not necessary to go ahead and take Prius. I simply needed one particualr model which was all hatchbacks and also the Prius may be the first that found mine.

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  7. My 94 Cadilliac Sedan Deville Keeps getting too hot after a few minutes of runing it. Ive put water inside it. Havent been capable of making it to some store for sum antifreeze. Ive even transformed the thermostat also it still gets too hot. And i believe due to this the transmission fluid is seeping out throughout the top engine coolant only container. Help me. Anybody! Thanks.

  8. Anybody understand how much air can there be within the cabin of the sedan (say Altis). We’re talking about time an individual can stay in the vehicle without ventilation.


  9. I put 2 pints water within the overflow of my Cadillac Sedan Seville SLS having a NorthStar Engine.

    I still only often see one half inch water remaining at the end from it utilizing a 5 ” lengthy stick.

    I see no markings within the reservoir.

    But there’s a divider and also the depth from the overflow reservoir is all about 6 inches.

  10. I’m 17 years of age and my parents bought us a new honda accord sedan. I needed to think for a few days to determine between your coupe or sedan. For me the sedan is so ugly, as the coupe looks great. After consider my benefits and drawbacks, I made the decision to obtain the sedan due to the cash. Geting the coupe could be a lot more costly. Since i acquired the sedan I had been happy however i still consider the coupe. What can u did and provide me ur ideas on the outside of from the sedan.

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  13. We’re searching for some 4 rims in my 2004 Chrysler Sebring Sedan, and that i cant appear to locate precisely what I’m able to use. We want the edges to become 16″ x 6.5″ (6″). I was told we can not use steel rims is the fact that true? I was also told you should use Dodge stratus rims, is the fact that correct too? Any suggestions could be greatly appreciated, these rims are extremely difficult to find!

  14. Im searching at purchasing a 1997 honda accord sedan 2.2L. I am not confident that the main optimize continues to be done yet, its at 107k miles. When will the major optimize have to be accomplished for this season from the accord, just how much, and just what all must be changed?

  15. I had been just curious because all of the vehicle stat sites ive visited state that the sedan does -60 within 5.5 seconds and also the coupe only will it in 6.2 sec. I figured the engines were exactly the same, however i might be wrong. If a person could let me know why, that might be great. I’m just curious.

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  17. I’ve come across it just a couple of occasions which is appealing however i aren’t able to find it anywhere, it is the latest commercial they have released, not for that crossover or last years sedan.

  18. http://world wide web.gearfuse.com/panasonic-aa-battery-powered-race-vehicle-speeds-at-122kmh/

    the web site above shows a little lightweight aerodynamic EV that’s run by 200 AA lithium batteries.

    you’d need far more to energy an easy weight, but standard sedan,… i had been just wondering the number of AA lithium batteries you’d theoretically have to energy a normal EV with a variety of 100 miles?

  19. I’m looking to get some projector car headlights in my Sebring sedan however the only ones I’m able to find is just for that coupe. What is the distinction between the front lights set up set-up between your sedan and also the coupe? From searching around the outdoors, it appears as though they’re the identical.

    Can anybody let me know the main difference? I’ve been searching for several several weeks now which is very frustrating. Just help.

  20. Departing out all of the exotics what’s the quickest car sedan being driven within the roads at this time. I believe it is the cadillac carpal tunnel syndrome-v. My pal states it is not. Wanted to make certain.

  21. Departing out all of the exotics what’s the quickest car sedan being driven within the roads at this time. I believe it is the cadillac carpal tunnel syndrome-v. My pal states it is not. Wanted to make certain.

  22. I simply had a used 1999 Honda Accord EX V6 Leather Sedan 4 speed automatic. It did not include chair mats within the back chair, and i’m looking to get them at Target or something like that like this. Please answer soon and precisely. I want a precise length & width.

  23. Planning for a trip late The month of january to Colorado. I’ve got a front wheel drive sedan in Houston and it is got normal Yokohama tires in it with simply 20K miles in it. May be the trip safe with my normal tires for this time around of the year? Any extra suggestions could be useful, Thanks!

  24. Take for instance the Nissan Altima coupe and sedan. Both have a similar engine and standard features, however the sedan is a few grands less expensive than the coupe. Same may be the situation with Honda Accord sedan and coupe.

    Coupes require less steel to become built. Shouldnt they be cheaper?

  25. Presently had a 2005 Honda Accord LX sedan and desired to switch the stock stereo system but a lot of individuals have explained that i will require a double din stereo system for this. What are the differences having a single din in comparison to some double din? Would any double din stereo system work with 2005 Accord? Or will i need specific ones? Help.

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