Consumer Reports magazine gave a negative credit on the 2011 VW Jetta

Volkswagen seems to be more careful in issuing a car if they do not want a bad reputation because of that car. This is what happened with the 2011 VW Jetta that is marketed in the United States. Consumer Reports magazine gave a poor rating of this sedan. “The new Jetta is unimpressive. In an effort to bring the car’s starting price down, VW cheapened the previous Jetta’s interior and suspension, making it less sophisticated and compromising handling,” said David Champion, a senior director of Consumer Reports’ Auto Test Center in Connecticut.

Consumer Reports magazine said that the 2011 VW Jetta which uses 5-cylinder engine, even its have coarse-sounding. So the VW Jetta impression as a sedan which is nimble, agile, and has well handling is destroyed. Although Volkswagen has lowered the price of the 2011 VW Jetta fuses up to $ 1,740 more than its predecessor (the sedan is sold at $ 15,995). However, the low price makes the 2011 VW Jetta quality decreases.

Consumer Reports magazine has long been recognized as an independent magazine that perform a thorough and comprehensive test on all cars sold in the United States. So the magazine’s negative assessment of the 2011 VW Jetta is something that is not supposed to happen. Volkswagen sedan should immediately fix it if you do not want to lose the market in the United States.

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  1. I am not really a large fan from the diesel jettas and golfs. A toyota prius is just too exspensive. I believed a good older diesel mercedes, however i only enjoy those that are year 95 and more recent and they’ve a 3.0L engine, there goes your mileage. Every other suggestions? Maybe I must swallow my pride and obtain a volkswagen.

  2. It happens throughout the daytime, the vehicle is included up by pieces of paper that fall away because it drives lower a road. It’s an upbeat guitar tune, the vocals (heard very briefly) help remind me from the band midlake.

  3. I’ve been vehicle shopping. I understand this year’s Jetta differs, but exactly how so? I’m discussing forwards and backwards, and apart from cost and year, I’m wondering the variations between your 2009 Jetta and also the 2011 Jetta. More room? Additional features? Etc.


    Be specific in order to select a best solution

  4. I’m going to be obtaining a vehicle in around The month of january. My finances are about 10k perhaps a little greater although not much. I would like something kinda of girly (no volkswagen beetles) a few of the cars i have considered were a tacoma, mazda 3, mustang, jetta, or perhaps a small cooper. Ideally I would like something which will get good fuel useage but additionally includes a cute turn to it. So any suggestions?

  5. I’ve the brand new 2011 Jetta, and even though it’s front disc it’s rear drums, which while not terrible it is not pretty much as good as dvds. Can somebody please let me know roughly or ballpark estimate just how much it might cost to transform it? I am talking about by providing it to some auto technician since i have can’t most likely get it done myself. :p


  6. I’m considering obtaining a new vehicle soon. I’d rather not pay a lot more than 20k publish bargaining, ideally around 15-16k.

    Needs: 2door or 4door. Not searching for a hatchback/vehicle/truck. Something sporty. I’m not going a vehicle that’s typically understood to be a girly vehicle. (ex. new Volkswagen bug). 2009 or more recent please.

    I’ve checked out the Mazda3, Lancer, and Ford Focus, every other suggestions? Thanks!

  7. or will it balance out using the savings on gas? And what’s an average maintenance check-up cost around in the volkswagen dealer or can you want to a auto technician to repair it what is the difference who you want to? i survive new york!

  8. The Volkswagen commercial in which the boy asks his father if he is able to drive, and also the father states he is able to drive once they stop for gas. What’s the actor’s title who plays the boy for the reason that commercial?

  9. my 2011 volkswagen jetta tdi includes a warning light that appears like two oblong eyes having a uni brow it’s flashing. exactly what does this suggest

  10. So Honda and Toyota are know for reliability, Volvo is perfect for safety. What’s Volkswagen know for? I am 17 and I am considering purchasing a 2011 Jetta versus. the Toyota Camry and also the Honda Social.

  11. Even the 2011 Golf TDI. I am just curious if reliability matters on where they’re manufacturer.

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