Concept Car Profile: Volkswagen eT Commercial Van

Volkswagen eT Concept

Could this Volkswagen eT Concept is the reincarnation of the famous T2 as Das Auto proposed an idea to resurrect the commercial van? It seems like it as the German automaker already developing the electric powertrain with semi automatically drive in the form of VW Transporter or the short name is eT which stands for electric Transporter.

Volkswagen eT Concept  interior

As we quoted from, the Volkswagen eT Concept is pure electrically powered transporter which proposing the idea of systematically transfers the E-mobility to the area of commercial use. Dr. Rudolf Krebs, the Group Manager for Electric Traction at Volkswagen AG stated that the eT Concept van is intended as transport specialist which focuses on the automotive building block for an innovative and future-oriented logistics concept.

Volkswagen eT Concept rear view

Volkswagen doesn’t want the eT Concept to be the zero transporter only, but also provides optimum driving experience just like any ordinary vehicle. What makes the Volkswagen eT Concept is different from other van or transporter is lying on the vehicle’s interior space which offers more wide and more rooms for luggage.

Volkswagen eT Concept side view

On the technical sides, the Volkswagen eT Concept equips with electric wheel hub motors which the electricity has been generated from renewable energy sources. Will the eT stay as a concept transporter or will it be joining the production floor just like the Up hatchback? Das Auto has not give the official confirmation, what they say about the possibility on the production version of the eT Concept transporter is “this vehicle could become available very soon”.

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