2012 VW Tiguan launched at the Geneva Motor Show

Volkswagen has introduced the 2012 VW Tiguan at the Geneva Motor Show that occurred on last March. However, prior to the event, evidently, the SUV enthusiasts in Europe had to order it.

About earlier bookings run the Volkswagen argued, the demand for 2012 VW Tiguan is already quite high, it also occurred in the previous model. So the German car manufacturer was preparing a precaution.

Since it was first launched in autumn 2007, the VW Tiguan has earned great success, so it can advance to become the SUV market leader in Germany. The reason that VW Tiguan become the best-selling SUV is clear enough, with five stars achieved in Euro NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme) crash testing, the VW Tiguan managed to become one of the safest SUV. Globally, too successful, as many as 572,000 Tiguan has changed hands from dealer to the owner.

2012 VW Tiguan uses a 1400 cc V4 TSI engine capable of producing power of 120 horsepower. In addition, TDI and TSI engines claimed it bears a very economical, making it one of the SUVs with fuel consumption of the most efficient, backed with the comfort and good quality.

In Europe, the 2012 VW Tiguan will be sold at prices starting from € 24,175. Well, do you want this SUV? Please order from now on, if you do not want to run out.



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  1. Okay so I am a 16 years old girl and I am fixing to obtain my first vehicle. I’ve no clue about everything technical stuff associated with cars. All I understand is the fact that I’d should you prefer a vehicle/mix over kind of vehicle. Good fuel useage. Pretty exterior/interior. And it must be a great first vehicle to have an unexperienced driver 🙂 I’ve no clue things i want. I checked out the nissan 2012 juke. The inside really was nice so was the fuel useage however the outdoors would be a little bizarre. I additionally loved the kia sportage. Which cars can you recommend? I am opened up to cars or sports utility vehicles. Also would you the the Nissan Juke is ugly? The outdoors is exactly what is actually holding me back. As well as I want a little vehicle.

  2. Around the Volkswagen Tiguan website, among the features listed is really a “energy lift gate”. Performs this imply that the liftgate opens and shuts using a energy motor (like by pushing a control button), or simply that’s includes a energy lock onto it, such as the doorways.


  3. Hi,

    I’m searching in the 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan and also have a couple of questions round the mileage.

    1) What is the average mileage that individuals are seeing available. The Environmental protection agency is 21/27 for that Tiguan with 4 Motion, but is the fact that achievable?

    2) Volkswagen suggests premium fuel, dealer states mid grade is suitable. Any ideas with that?

  4. I’m considering a Volkswagon Tiguan for school and am worried about fundamental maintenance costs. My sister were built with a busted front lights once on her behalf bug and also the expenses were unbelieveable. In comparison to my little Honda, I recognize it might be a positive change, but exactly how much exactly?

  5. Hello everybody, before I start I must extend a hot welcome, having a smile, a handshake and all sorts of that jazz.


    My mom and dad required me to some Volkswagen car dealership right now to show the vehicle these were thinking about purchasing me. They demonstrated me this small vehicle, Volkswagen Tiguan, for that facets of not sounding ungrateful, I stored my mouth shut and noded. It appears type of just like a women vehicle. They stated no two doorways also it needs to be considered a volkswagen, the two drive Audi’s and also, since volkswagen and Audi were exactly the same company they trust the vehicle is defined together exactly the same. But what is your opinion, could it be a women vehicle, what exactly are another models I possibly could take a look at. Btw they stated I could not choose an audi

  6. I needed to understand when the engine continues to be twincharged and not turbo billed, since i heard that volkswagen scrapped the twincharging concept some time back.. Same with still it provided with a twincharged engine or has it been stopped? Help appriciated!

  7. My choices are a Toyota Prius, Toyota rav4, Toyota Matrix, Volkswagen Tiguan or Volkswagen Golf. Has anybody possessed these? What will be the best option? Thanks!

  8. I am searching for a Volkswagen vehicle having a Turbo Diesel Engine and that i wanted to understand if they are all like this or maybe I must search for a particular kind of Volkswagen vehicle. (I’m not sure much about cars there are observed).

  9. there is a city that’s continues altering its form as the tiguan drives by and also the lyrics are somewhat such as this:

    “stick to the changes….inside

    search for the alterations within the line

    occasionally you will see it coming

    approaching bup bup bad a ba….”

  10. What exactly are some safe awd compact/small sports utility vehicles or crossovers which are safe and are great for winter driving? I understand by using it being summer time it is a odd question to request about winter.

  11. Do you know the wheels put on the trunk of the vehicle known as and may they be set up in any vehicle (i.e. Volkswagen Tiguan)?

    http://world wide web.volkswagen.com/br/pt/carros/CrossFox/gallery.html

    http://world wide web.automotiveimage.org/jeep-wrangler-limitless-2007/

  12. Can the Volkswagen tiguan operate on regular gas?

    What will be the disadvantages on using regular gas for that tiguan?

  13. I presently possess a 06 beetle and 07 jetta both from mexico and when I purchase another Volkswagen it will likely be German made, not mexican because of all of the issues with these 2 automobiles

  14. Volkswagen Tiguan 2012

    Comfortline w/ connectivity package

    6-sp. automatic with Tiptronic and sport mode 4MOTION

    Plus I am getting 1500$ from Volkswagen since I am not financing together

    (But that kinda cancel it self out cuz from the greater rate of interest)

  15. Hi, I had been searching and considering purchasing a Volkswagen Tiguan, so when I looked on the internet images a Tiguan ABT emerged and appears really amazing. After I did more research, the ABT has a better engine, etc.

    Do you consider Volkswagen sells the ABT version? Or maybe not, do you consider they can at any rate add options just like a skirt, spoiler, etc to really make it seem like the ABT?


  16. Have everyone seen it/what exactly are you opinions from it? Do you consider it appears as though a pleasant vehicle, or do you consider it appears ugly & cheap.

    I am considering you get one, but I am unsure how others experience it, any assistance is appreciated!!


  17. I’m searching at buying whether Jetta or perhaps a Passat within the next couple of several weeks and i’m wondering the way they handle winter driving conditions (My home is MN). Presently I am driving a Subaru Forester, but want something a bit more sporty. (Or possibly I ought to hold on for that new Volkswagen Tiguan.)

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