2011 Frankfurt Auto Show Report: Official Photos of Volkswagen Up

Volkswagen UP

Let’s cut the chase as we introduce you to the official photos of Volkswagen Up from the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. After teasers and photoshop photos, the Volkswagen Up compact hatchback is finally comes alive. As we have previously reported that the Volkswagen Up is intended to challenge the MINI, Citroen C1, and Fiat 500. We think the biggest competitors for the Volkswagen Up are the MINI and Fiat 500 as those two have been battling to be on top f hatchback share market in Europe.

Volkswagen UP - side view

At first, we thought that the engine of the Volkswagen Up is in the form of rear engine. But Das Auto stated that their Volkswagen Up is using the little three-cylinder engine. That frisky three-cylinder engine can be considered at the smallest engine on the entire Volkswagen line-up. Not only that, the three-cylinder engine on the Volkswagen Up compact hatchback is replacing the rear-wheel drive configuration which was equipped to the concept.

Volkswagen UP - interior

The Volkswagen Up compact hatchback offers two petrol units of 1.0L displacement that is able to give power output around 60 horsepower or 75 horsepower. So, what kind of Volkswagen Up is really about?

According to Das Auto, the Volkswagen Up compact hatchback is focusing to be daily city car which can put up with all the traffic congestion which usually happens on business hours. Traffic congestion means one thing: lavish petrol usage. Fear not, as the Volkswagen Up has excellent fuel consumption due to VW’s BlueMotion Technology. With that smart technology, both engine version scored fuel consumption at 100 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Volkswagen UP - rear view

Here is what Klaus Bischoff – the Head of Design for the Volkswagen Brand said about the Volkswagen UP compact hatchback, “If the goal is to maximize space, the ideal form for a small car would be a rectangular box. In the Volkswagen Up, we were able to sculpt such a box with a clean and powerful design that does not lose sight of space utilization.”

No official price yet, but if das Auto wants the compact hatchback to be able to compete with MINI and Fiat 500, it means that the Volkswagen Up has to show up as an affordable city car.

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