The Top 5 Best German Luxury SUVs: Which are the Best?

cr dd5bd6599ce6e68f2aecf62b3b696286 German Sport Utility VehicleLuxury is something that everyone is working to have and there is no better way other than having or buying your own luxury SUV. This way, you will travel in style as well as experience the best journey of your life with these locomotive machines.

These cars are not only made to give you the best driving experience, but excellent visibility, great cargo space capacity and all-weather traction as well.  You will get different SUV designs as well as other factors. All you have to do is select the one you think it is the best.

There has never been a better time to buy a luxury SUV apart from now. However, which are the top 5 best German SUVs in the market? Well, if this is what you have been wondering, below are the top 5 best German SUVs.

The top 5 German SUVs

The criterion used in ranking this list is very advanced. Some of the features that we were look for are; design, engine size, transmission, comfort and interior features.

1.       Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 SUV is a bit roomer than most cars in this list but not compared to Mercedes-Benz GL-Class.  This car has also a quit powerful engine running on 333-horsepower Q7 S-Line or the torque-monster Q7 TDI. A majority of people living in Europe opt for a big V10 diesel engine that makes the Q7 a surprising fuel-efficient.

2.        BMW X5

Even though now one can get the most style- oriented BMW X6, the BMW X5 is something that anyone should consider.  Moreover, this car is better looking to the eye and you can use this car to move around, drop your kid at school or anywhere you want to go because BMW 5X is the most versatile car. The best thing that makes this vehicle one of the best is that, it is home to three types of engine. These are: – the BMW’s turbocharged six, the eight-cylinder gas engines, as well as it’s remarkably powerful and fuel efficient diesel six

3.       Mercedes-Benz GL-class

This is the largest SUV in this list. It has a capacity of seven passengers which makes it equivalent to its S-class sedan. This car is loaded with upscale features. The factor that has made this vehicle popular is availability of different forms of internal deco. There are various different interior decorations like boudoir-esque, diamond-stitched, leather and unique wood. Mercedes as a company is known of producing durable cars. Therefore, with this vehicle, you will be able to stay with it for long. Moreover, it has also a powerful engine

4.       Porsche Cayenne

Porches’ SUV seems like an uncharacteristic misfire. However, over time, it has proved to be one of the best and accomplished its purpose. This is because, of constant upgrade to its different versions manufactured every year. This car model is for everyone from the base manual-transmission V6 model to diesel, hybrid and turbocharged gas variants.

5.       Bugatti Veyron SUV

Bugatti Veyron SUV has an elegant look and great design. Honestly no one thought that Bugatti as a company will design and create such a slick SUV has the best features, but they have a long way to go.

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  1. So far as sales go, how good is the organization doing in the united states? Because of so many brands being stopped, it would be unfortunate to get rid of that one too. They’re brilliant cars, however i never discover their whereabouts on the highway around i actually do BMW or Mercedes.

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