Paris Hilton’s Pink Bentley Continental GT Gets Nudge Behind by Her SUV

Paris Hilton Pink Bentley Damaged by Her SUV

Paris Hilton has what everyone dream about: social-lite way of life. After incident took place at Paris Hilton’s crib, as her most beloved vehicles  – pink Bentley Continental GT –  got nudged by one of her friends, who was driving also one of hotel heiress’ other cars. Wait…. Paris Hilton’s pink Bentley Continental GT got bumped by her own SUV? Was Paris Hilton sober when she granted her friend drove her SUV?

Okay, here is what exactly happens: the pink Bentley Continental GT which Paris Hilton bought as a Christmas gift for herself back in 2008 was parked outside her place, when a friend of Paris’ decided to take her black SUV for a ride.

Sadly, the unnamed person behind the steering wheel of the Cadillac Escalade failed to watch out any vehicles behind it while driving in reverse and nudged the $200,000 pink Bentley Continental GT. So, what is the damage so far? According to TMZ, Paris Hilton has to pay $5,000-worth of her pink Bentley Continental GT.

Paris Hilton's Pink Bentley Continental GT

We happily suggest Paris Hilton to have a change of heart and lose the pink Bentley Continental GT for good. She can always rest with her baby blue Bentley Continental GT, which so much pleasant to the eye.

Paris Hilton's Pink Bentley Continental GT

Paris Hilton seems will not give up her pink obsession too soon. If so, she might treat her pink Bentley Continental GT with that diamond-encrusted dashboard she has been babbling for so long. After all, the pink Bentley Continental GT could use some sparkle after being mildly molested by big black SUV. If we look back, the Cadillac Escalade which nudged Paris Hilton’s pink Bentley Continental GT was the same SUV in which the police found Paris Hilton surrounded by a cloud of marijuana smoke. The marijuana was not the only thing found at that time, police also found Paris Hilton carried an undisclosed amount of cocaine in her purse which she bravely denied that the cocaine was not hers, but belonged to her friend. Must be another unnamed friend of Paris Hilton.

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    i’ve attempted everything to locate a picture of the yellow dress worn by paris hilton. i am not sure how you can describe it. . .but ill do my favorite. its a pale yellow, bustier, formal style dress. it flares out at the end and it is pleated. it finishes just beneath her knees, but i am not too sure. please please help me!


    yes please!! scan whatever you’ll find! yay! you’re awesome!

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