First Look at Volkswagen California Beach

Volkswagen California Beach

If you live near the beach, then spending your weekend with Volkswagen California Beach will be perfect for you. This camper van has base price up to £34,970/€40,159. Going camping with this van will not be difficult, but it will be all fun and practical.

The California Beach van can load up to 7 people that sounds more than enough as its sister Up able to load 16 people. The German van is available in two- or three-seat rear bench and the individual chairs as its optional features. The front seats can be turned to the face the rear, and we can also find a portable table which place in the sliding lateral door. The other two folding seats are hide nicely on the tailgate.

The term camping van for Volkswagen California Beach means it has sleeping accommodation up to 4 persons and if that is not enough, the bench seat folding can be two-berth bed which fit the width of the vehicle. A manual pop-up roof can be used as pop-up bed too.

Volkswagen California Beach interior

The engine of the California Beach camping van is available in 2.0L TDI with BlueMotion Technology with 114 horsepower. Das Auto said that it has eco-features such as a start-stop system, cruise control, brake regeneration, longer gearing, and low rolling resistant tires.

The other features for the Volkswagen California Beach is 32L cool/warm box which is powered by second leisure battery, privacy glass, programmable parking heater, satnav, and xenon headlight with LED daytime running lights.

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