BMW 2014 X5 (F15)

Images of 2014 Bmw X5BMW – Set for its debut at the end of next year, the 2014 edition and popular X5 SUV is slated for numerous updates including significant weight savings and improved fuel economies over its current model. The weight saving technology was generated from the BMW 5-Series (F10). The X5 will ride on a modified version of its current vehicle platform.  Both six and eight cylinder engines will be available including hybrid and diesel options.


The BMW X5 F15 SUV will be enhanced significantly in length and will capture an elongated roof design.  Due to its increased length, a third-row seating option will become available on the 2014 BMW X5 which will likely improve its marketing efforts in the United States.  Fine wood trim, metallic accents and leather coverings will flavor the interior while an iDrive display and a 3-spoke steering wheel design enhances the overall X5 package.  A downward transcending roofline and distinguished looking front grille will be evident on the X5 model.  The vehicle rear will show again its familiar L-shaped tail lamps while retaining the dual exhaust outlets.

Its overall profile has been left intact since the X5 originally came to fruition back in 1999. The new BMW X5 (F15) will capture an enhanced looking blunt nose like other recent BMW products.  The headlights will elongate to mate with the grille similar to the current 3-Series.  New vertical vents at the trailing edge of the front wheel have captured our imagination and we remain undecided on whether they are functional or purely aesthetic.  Its left side small spoiler is anticipated to feature a more curved appearance.

The BMW X5 engine options will likely include a V8 engine. Its highly anticipated X5 "M" model will come out one year later and a 2015 model year will integrate a highly tuned BMW based suspension package.

The X5 is not as aggressive in design as the X5 "M" vehicle seen in the fall of 2012, however, with the entire late vehicle marketing efforts this is not unexpected.


BMW will produce its new 2014 BMW X5 (F15) at its Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA plant in late calendar year 2013.  The X5 will hit the dealer showrooms as a 2014 model.


BMW 2014 X5