VW Touareg Hybrid still does not save fuel usage

Many hybrid car enthusiasts who are ask how long it will take for a hybrid car so that we can save fuel usage. Especially, in case the price of hybrid cars are more expensive than the gasoline-powered cars. Usually, we will feel the impact after nearly a decade. However, if you use the VW Touareg Hybrid, maybe you will not be able to save fuel usage. Why?

Under the Environmental Protection Agency’s calculation, if you use the VW Touareg Hybrid, then you will only save $ 300 per year. Small amount when compared with its price reaching $ 44,450 to $ 60,565. So you need to take more than 50 years so you get the BEP (Break Even Point).

In fact, high prices of hybrid cars, because it offers luxury features, not about saving fuel. If you just rely on fancy features, there are still many gasoline-powered cars that also offer luxury features. VW Touareg Hybrid actually still less in terms of fuel economy compared to the diesel version of the VW Touareg. You can save $ 29 more than the VW Touareg Hybrid.

The true essence of hybrid car is not about saving money, but saving fuel usage. Saving fuel usage is very beneficial for the environment. However, more severe Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid cannot meet these standards because it was wasteful in the use of fuel. This is because the battery which is used by VW Touareg Hybrid is too small compared to other hybrid cars.

Well, if you already understand that the VW Touareg Hybrid was not more efficient than other cars, why you should buy it? However, it all depends on your individual taste. Have a nice day dear reader.