Volkswagen 2014 Bulli

cr 7832e432cbc9c9544da7b8b1dca81e79 Volkswagen 2014 BulliVolkswagen has come up with a family concept microbus which is making its way towards production. The Bulli provides for a large inner space for its passengers, its primary feature.  Mixing both classic and modern design, its persona translates into a smart and sassy family model. The Volkswagen Bulli is no ordinary vehicle, however, with high acceleration and speed.  Its square and boxy appearance provides for the packaging space though the main design is closer to the T1 model.  Some say it is a "squatter" when you look at it.  Regardless, it is a five passenger van utilizing the next generation Golf as its surrogate.  It will inherit an ECO friendly status with a hybrid diesel or electric operating system.  It is much different to the present day Transporter and provides a flash of nostalgia for would be buyers.  It has seating arranged in two rows and it also has rear seats that can fold completely flat thus providing for in car camping potential.


The latest version vehicle with include conventional front drive architecture based off the same platform linking to the Volkswagen Passat, Golf and Jetta.  It will include a turbocharged four cylinder diesel engine. The Volkswagen engine is capable of reaching 62 miles per hour in just about 11.5 seconds.


Volkswagen's strategy of including multiple models on a single platform bodes well for the Bulli.  Some say that the new van is simply a reconfiguration of the Volkswagen Microbus concept which showed up 10 years ago.


Volkswagen hopes to draw consumers with strong emotions similar like the Beetle to its USA showrooms.  The pricing of the Volkswagen Bulli could be quite high if the vehicle gets produced in Europe.  Ready for its official debut in the fall of 2013, sales should begin in 2014 at a sticker price starting at about $32,000 – $40,000 USD.  The Bulli will have stiff competition with Chrysler's Town and Country along with Honda's Odyssey, Toyota's Sienna and Nissan's Quest vehicles.


Volkswagen 2014 Bulli


VW Bulli became the focus of Volkswagen’s main production

Looks like we will increasingly see a lot of VW Bulli which is will pack the streets of major cities. Because, the CEO of Volkswagen of America, Jonathan Browning, said that the production of VW Bulli is his main focus.

VW Bulli combines the 1950 VW transporter and 2001 and will use the Microbus concept. VW Bulli was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March. However, compared to its predecessor, this concept car a little smaller, thus expected to compete with the Kia Soul, Scion xB and Nissan Cube. In addition, the production of VW Bulli also will not interfere with sales of VW’s Chrysler-sourced Routan minivan. However, it will attract new customers who infatuated with the VW Bus.

Browning asserts that VW Bulli Volkswagen will maintain the image that Volkswagen is always follows the development of the era. VW Bulli will use an 85 KW electric motor, which can generate maximum speed of 87 mph and stay within a distance of 186 miles. However, the use of gas or turbodiesel engine will be much more acceptable by the market at the present time.

Nevertheless VW Bulli has attracted the interest of many groups. And its look like Browning’s decision to focus on the production of this concept car is very appropriate. Especially, if Volkswagen is want to achieve greater market share in the future.