Rumor: Volkswagen Bulli Concept Ready in 2014?

Volkswagen Bulli Concept

The first time we spotted Volkswagen Bulli MPV concept was at Geneva Motor Show. The futuristic Volkswagen Bulli was quite a crowd pleaser at the motor show, and after sometimes, automotive fans and journalists are in zone talking about the possibility for the MVP to enter the production line-up.

Well, the memo has been read by the execs at Volkswagen, and so far, all they offered is “paying the attention towards the possibility for Volkswagen Bulli MPV concept to join the production line-up”. Our German contributor stated that an inside information on the Volkswagen shared that the Volkswagen Bulli MPV concept has made it into the top priority because Volkswagen’s management believe that the Bulli could be the successor for the iconic Volkswagen Microbus back in the 1960s.

Volkswagen Bulli Concept - interior

Rumor has it that the Volkswagen Bulli MPV concept will be produced at VW’s plant in Puebla – Mexico, which we know that the 3rd generation of the VW Beetle is being made using none other than VW’s newest modular platform. Readers who get the chance to witness the glory days of the Volkswagen Microbus in 1960s must remember how big the car was, and the reason why Volkswagen Bulli MPV concept joining the production line-up as early as 2014 model year is because VW is searching for smaller successor for the Microbus and the Bulli is the perfect fit.

Volkswagen’s Group Design Chief – Walter de’Silva stated, “As a designer, I am convinced by the idea of bringing the Volkswagen Bulli concept to life. We don’t have a space for another conventional MPV, but this one would be desirable on a different level, combining practicality with the heritage appeal.

Volkswagen Bulli Concept - rear view

If the Volkswagen Bulli MPV concept does come to life, it much likely will carry 80 kW electric motor which gets the power source from 40 kWh of lithium-ion battery. Volkswagen is confident enough to say that the battery has sufficient power for a range of up to 300 km (185 miles) on a single charge. There is more, Das Auto brags that charging the Volkswagen Bulli MPV concept only takes less than an hour from special EV stations.

Volkswagen Bulli MPV concept might also hit the US soil and carries the 2.5L four-pot and for the European market, the Bulli probably will have diesel engine variant. No official statement whether the Volkswagen Bulli will get the styling from the Volkswagen Passat, but if it does, then the Volkswagen Bulli concept will be one cute MPV.

The 2012 VW Beetle’s Debut Will Start in Shanghai Ended in New York

VW Beetle fans certainly will not wait until April 18, why? Because, Volkswagen has given notice if they will introduce the next generation Beetle, the 2012 VW Beetle at the Shanghai Auto Show on that date.

We know if the VW Beetle is one of the best-selling car, and most preferably in the car sales history. Surely the public must be curious about the latest version of this sedan, the 2012 VW Beetle. In VW Beetle launching, Volkswagen in collaboration with MTV and after the Shanghai events, this sedan will go to Berlin to attend the MTV World Stage events, and will end in New York. The 2012 VW Beetle will also be accompanied by the Black Eyed Peas group. The events in New York later can be seen directly in

Unfortunately, there is no information about the performance and specification of this car, so did the price. But certainly the new VW Beetle will be awaited by car enthusiasts around the world, including me. Welcome the 2012 VW Beetle; I cannot wait to hug you.