Volkswagens Corrado – A sure fire future classic

cr 8ed21a8168ca0a08286fb88d71b55af0 VW Corrado 2014Author:  Robbin Florin
Volkswagens have always been known as "people's cars" this is actually what the name means.

They have maintained a great reputation for being solid and reliable cars and this is what has drawn so many buyers to them even over the desirability of the sporty GTi models such as the Golf.

In 1989 Volkswagen unveiled the Volkswagen Corrado. This was a new Volkswagen that broke the mould in terms of design and elegance and it went on to be Volkswagens fast ever car. Unfortunately after six years the model was to be discontinued due to cost cutting and the low profit margins in the vehicle.

The first UK right hand drive model Corrado's arrive in May of 1989 and had the Golf GTi 1.8 litre 16 valve engine fitted. Two years later after desirability for a higher performance model Volkswagen announced the arrival in April 1991 of the supercharged G60 model. This had previously been available only as a special order in left hand drive.

These early models all had alloy wheels, power steering and central locking as standard and a rear spoiler which was electronically controlled to rise automatically at 40mph. This was a feature that people loved similar to the Porsche 911 but it was more likely to be a selling feature than actually required for the aerodynamics.

1992 saw the 1.8 litre engine replaced with a 2.0 litre unit with a catalytic converter being mandatory. ABS brakes were also added with an increased torque to improve driveability but the power output of 136bhp remaining the same as the 1.8 litre model.

September of the same year saw the six cylinder VR6 engine included in the Corrado model line-up.  This was a 2.9 litre unit based on the Golf VR6's 2.8 and took the Corrado to become Volkswagens first 150mph car. They also included the option of an automatic transmission but production of the car only lasted a short period of time and production was ended in 1996.

With regard to specification, all models specs were high but the later models did have slightly better equipment hence these are the most desirable of the bunch.

Whichever model you decide to go for you will have a gorgeous looking sports coupe that can seat four adults comfortably and still looks great today in 2013.

Obviously the brand is renowned for its reliability and with the Volkswagen network parts aren't a problem although they aren't now as readily available as they once were and can be pricey.

The Corrado's handling is superb with excellent suspension and a fantastic chassis, show any variant of the Corrado a long winding road and it will lap it up with love even if a little of the firm side but this is a sports car…

This is probably Volkswagens best ever sports coupe and is still hugely popular with enthusiasts worldwide with owners clubs plentiful. An excellent car that is sure to be a future classic.


Robbin Florin


I have spent all my working life involved in the UK motor trade. I have written articles for Wikipedia as well as car selling websites such as

2014 Volkswagen Polo R

The wait is almost over…the VW Polo R will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this Spring/2013!

The Polo R will be upgraded with neat new features to accommodate Volkswagen's customer base.  The 2014 Polo R will be derived based on speed to its loyal customer pool.  The Polo R is known for its high performance in the VW product line up.  As the R&D group continues its fine tuning there is excitement building for the vehicles arrival in the spring of 2013.

The Polo R is a fast and sporty vehicle displaying large rims and ground effect displays.  While the design continues to trend there is a belief that the brake system could be significantly upgraded due to previous customer dissatisfaction.  Perhaps the greatest improvement can be found in the engine.  Because the Polo R is known for its speed, the VW engineers increased its power to the 225 – 230 Horsepower range. It is anticipated to be a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine benchmarked off the GTI MK6.

The Sedan model will be powered with a 1.6 liter @ 4 cylinder engine combined with a 6 speed automatic transmission.  The front fascia will be distinctive but still resembles previous Volkswagen models.  Both the 15 inch alloy wheels and fog lamps remain as standard options.  In essence, the VW Polo Sedan remains slightly longer than its European counterpart hatchback allowing for additional rear legroom for its loyal passengers. 


It is expected that the 2014 Volkswagen Polo R will hit a speed of 60 mph within about 6 seconds and achieve a top speed of 150 mph.  With these type of stats it's no wonder that the upcoming Polo R will be a huge success come its initial arrival in March/2013!



Standard Features:


CD/MP3 player is included in the base model


ABS and dual airbags (standard on the Polo sedan)


Electric adjustable side mirrors


Electric remote unlocking (boot lid)

Leather wrapped steering wheel


Gear knob


Central locking


Optional Features:


Parking sensors


Automatic air-conditioning

Volkswagen Golf R

cr 94f0680845aae327387c7e066df69b41 VW Golf R VIIVolkswagen's Golf R is the most robust Golf vehicle in North America.  It supplants the VR6-powered R32 models that were produced from 2004 and 2008.  Volkswagen is shouting "ausbruch" (a term used to suggest break out) whereby it will present the Golf VII R concept at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.  Available in 2 or 4 door bodystyles, the Golf R will be powered by a 256-hp 2.0-litre turbo four-cylinder engine in conjunction with a six-speed manual transmission.  Volkswagen's 4Motion all-wheel-drive system technology  is capable of directing 100-percent of its torque to the rear wheels when required.

It is anticipated that the Golf R will show off a turbocharged 2.0-liter EA888 engine currently used in a combination of Volkswagen and Audi models(These include the Audi TT and the Volkswagen GTI). VW’s turbocharged 2.0-litre DOHC four-cylinder offers a robust engine package for the consumer.

The R engine could comprehend about 285 horsepower to achieve 250 km/h (155 mph).  While the R does not boast great acceleration data figures don' be fooled as the pickup is dramatic.  The brakes are precision sharp as well for the sporting driver.  The Volkswagen R comes only with a manual six speed transmission allowing for quick and short shifts.  The gearbox is vey crisp and functional.  A hill holder feature is also available which holds the vehicle in place for a few seconds on a hill to resist gravity from rolling backwards.  The sport-tuned suspension allows the driver to really feel the road dynamics.

The interior is outstanding.  The sport steering wheel is really neat being equipped with both audio and bluetooth controls.  The easy manuevrability via the steering wheel is evident and responsive.  The leather wrapped steering wheel, aluminum trim(dash/doors/pedals) and R logo presented in the vehicle make for a solid interior layout.

Large front air intakes and LED daytime running lights are easily noticeable on the exterior.  Also on the exterior is a rear bumper which includes a diffuser and dual exhaust tips.  The R comes fully loaded with the only option coming in the paint color.  The R is basically an Audi disguised as a Volkswagen including a powerful engine, seamless transmission and an intelligent AWD.

The Golf R should be exciting in 2013. With the Geneva Motor Show on the horizon(starting with its press days on 3/5/2013), consumers won't need to be in suspense much longer before what is frozen in the giant ice block is revealed!



Power sunroof

Dynaudio sound system

Navigation package


Standard Options:

Dual-zone climate control


Adaptive Bi-Xenon Headlights

Six airbags

Heated leather seats

Keyless access/start

18-inch alloy wheels

Black painted brake calipers with the R logo


Golf R

Volkswagen Market Trends 2012/13


Volkswagen indicated that global sales of its key vehicles rose 11.5 percent in November to 504,800.

There are strong indicators that demand remains robust for vehicles in China, United States, Central/Eastern Europe and South America.

On a negative scenario, there is continued decline in shipments in western European markets – Italy, Spain and France due to weak consumer confidence which is keeping buyers idled in the market.

Volkswagen is spending $4 Billion in the United States to enhance its market share. As a positive result its sales rose +35%.

The Volkswagen brand is still on pace to set a new sales record this year. China remains VW's #1 market while Brazil is the largest single market.

Volkswagen Sales Chief Christian Klingler indicated that the perception for 2013 remains "challenging" overall going forward.


It is Volkswagen's goal to surpass General Motors to achieve the world's top selling OEM by 2018.


Volkswagen AG has earmarked $64.7 billion of investments over the coming three years as it works to become the largest automaker.


The VW Group includes Audi, Skoda, Seat and Bentley brands.


Trends in Global Market – Sales and Shipments

Global Volkswagen Brand Sales = +11.2 percent to 5.22 million through November

Sales in Central/Eastern Europe = +25.9 percent

Sales in South America = +8.2 percent

Total European Sales = 1.58 million.

Shipments in Western Europe (excluding Germany) = – 6.4 percent to 782,600 in the first 11 months of 2012

Shipments in Brazil = +10.9 percent

Shipments in Russia = +45.4 percent

Shipments in China = +19.3 percent

2012 Geneva Motor Show: 2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet

2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet

Our postings for today are everything on the floor of 2012 Geneva Motor Show which has sporty DNA and roofless styling. Dressing in not so threatening red paintjob, the 2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet tries to impress the crowds of the Swiss’ auto event. It is not hard to find the original root for this coupe convertible as Das Auto is simply takes the roof off of the Golf GTI as the German carmaker knows that everything without roof is selling more especially the summer is approaching and people are planning to get sunlight and tanning as many as they can.

So, the 2012 Golf GTI Cabriolet doesn’t carry that complicated design and styling which doesn’t give the “too much” aura. It’s simple and practical. Apparently, the exterior and the cosmetic parts are not the main focus of Volkswagen, but the performance is. As we stroll through this coupe convertible, we are okay with the overall look; the headlights and the grille are not too fancy, but again, simple. But, as we look into the interior, the seating trimming to be exact, that is the area where we speechless.

2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet interior and side view

Dear Volkswagen, grey and squares are not the perfect matches and you are successfully ruins the entire compact coupe convertible styling on the 2012 Golf GTI Cabriolet. Yup… we are beginning to like this German coupe, but as soon as we laid eyes on the seats, we dropped the “like” meter by up to 5 bars below. Okay, Das Auto promises that the engine and performance part are way better than then grey and squares trimming combination.

2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet rear view

According to, the 2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet is powered by none other than the GTI’s 2.0L turbo which coupled to 6-speed transmission which available either in manual or DSG. Oh, we almost forget to mention that the soft-top equips with electrically powered fabric roof which folded in 9.5 seconds even if you go as fast as 18 mph. The UK market will be getting the German coupe convertible later this year, but unfortunately, not the US market. Bummer, eh?