Audi Scored Record US Annual Sales

Audi Line Up

The American division of Audi is proudly announced that they successfully scored new annual sales figures. The figures are 102,055 units just one month before the 2011 ends which mean that these figures are already exceed the 2010 record where the German automaker managed to sell 101,629 units. Hmmm… it seems like the efforts that have been put up by the VW Group is starting to show some result.

In US, Audi has to struggle to compete with local brands such as Chevrolet and Ford although those two are challenging each other on the pickup truck market segment. The new record US sales in every month have also been some kind of additional sprit for Audi to score better and better sales figures on the upcoming months. The November 2011 sales record will be announced somewhere this week to whether Audi successfully scored another record month sales.

The monthly sales figures are not the only achievements Audi are getting now because the German automaker has also scored new sales record through the Certified pre-owned vehicles. According to, Audi’s registering division scored 33,102 units by then end of Thanksgiving which can be explained as 32% increase over the previous year.

It is very amazing that US division of Audi managed to book record sales figures because right now, the automotive makers in European are hoping that the European economy crisis is not getting worst as the Italian government has announced that they are adding taxes for luxury items because they are about this close to bankruptcy.