BMW M3 Lightweight will be introduced at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring

BMW deserves to be recognized as an exceptional car manufacturer. Moreover, BMW M3 car is called as the BMW product which is almost perfect. However, it looks like BMW did not want to stop there; they are now busy developing the latest BMW M3, BMW M3 Lightweight sedan concept. The plan, the car will be introduced at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring.

A little leak from BMW, BMW M3 Lightweight was made to overcome the weaknesses of its predecessor in its weight problem. For that, this sedan concept will be made lighter and more powerful than the previous version. BMW M3 Lightweight will use a V8 engine that can produce 444 hp and weighs 3370 pounds.

However, we are only able to get more information when BMW introduce the car later on June at 24 Hours of Nurburgring. However, based on the revelation of Dave Buchko, a spokesman for BMW, this sedan concept will not be sold in America. If so then BMW lovers in America are deserve to feel disappointed. Moreover, BMW M3 Lightweight is likely to be a new revolutionary product from BMW.

The 2012 Porsche Panamera Turbo S Ready To Rock the New York International Auto Show 2011

The Porsche Panamera which is introduced since 2 years ago continues to grow; even they have created a product using a V6 engine and a Hybrid. However, this year they will introduce the newest Porsche Panamera, the 2012 Porsche Panamera Turbo S at the New York International Auto Show 2011.

The design of the 2012 Porsche Panamera Turbo S is use the 4-door and its weighs 600 pounds heavier than another Porsche Panamera. This sedan will use a V8 engine that can produce 550 hp (50 hp more than its predecessor thanks to the standard Sport Chrono Package Turbo). The 2012 Porsche Panamera Turbo S can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3.6 seconds, with a maximum speed of 190 mph. This sedan uses 7-speed PDK gearbox, this does not only optimize fuel efficiency but also help driver can drive fast.

The Porsche Panamera became the most popular Porsche’s car, even to date it has already sold 1700 units, 1484 units were sold last year. These calculations recorded Porsche sales rose 34% from a year earlier. Though Porsche Panamera generate controversy when it is launched. Although the 2012 Porsche Panamera Turbo S is now the most expensive cars of Porsche Panamera model (The price of $ 174,175), but it is comparable to the quality offered by this sedan car with V8 engine. Well, according to you whether the 2012 Porsche Panamera Turbo S deserve to be your ride?

The 2011 Bentley Mulsanne’s Debut At the Vancouver International Auto Show

Vancouver International Auto Show has been closed yesterday. In the event which was held almost 1 week (29 March – 3 April) present the latest, fastest and most sophisticated cars in the world. Nearly all car manufacturers display their best car, Bentley is no exception. Bentley’s latest product, The 2011 Bentley Mulsanne made its debut in the prestigious event. So what is interesting from the latest Bentley Mulsanne?

It seems this sedan car is worthy considered to be the best ride this year. The 2011 Bentley Mulsanne comes with a V8 engine capable of producing 512 hp. You can reach speeds of 100 km / h less than 5 seconds, with a maximum speed of 185 mph. Bentley Mulsanne is also equipped with 8 speed automatic transmission.

For its view and comfort, you do not need to worry. This Sedan car is designed by combining a strong body, elegant, and sporty. In addition, the 2011 Bentley Mulsanne equipped with entertainment features, such as: Multimedia system with satellite navigation 40 GB, Bluetooth connectivity, audio / video equipments, etc.

Well, how do you think the performance of the 2011 Bentley Mulsanne? Looks like it is a good car for a ride you have. To get a sedan with a V8 engine, you have to spend money amounting to $ 305 thousand. Are you interested to buy it?

The Cayenne S Hybrid, First Porsche’s Hybrid Car

7 years ago, Porsche marketed their first SUV, the Cayenne. Since then, the Cayenne becomes one of the best-selling cars, even nearly reached the number of 300 thousand units worldwide. To keep the competition, Porsche continues to develop the better Cayenne. This year, Porsche introduced the 2011 new-generation Cayenne, the Cayenne S Hybrid. Then, what would be offered by Porsche on this product?

As first Porsche’s hybrid car, the Cayenne S Hybrid is no less when compared to the Cayenne S. Although this hybrid car just uses V6 engine combined with the Electrical engines, but its speed can match V8 engine speeds of the Cayenne S. This car could produce 333 hp (can even reach 380 hp if both engines running), and able to reach a speed of 100 KMH in a time of 6.2 seconds. This car also uses the latest transmission, 8-Speed Tiptronic S Automatic Transmission, same as used on the Porsche Panamera.

In addition, the Cayenne S Hybrid is equipped with a downhill mode; the system which will shut down both engines as they pass the down road to save fuel. This hybrid car also includes an environmentally friendly car with a CO2 emission rate is only 193 grams / km.

How much for this car? The Cayenne S Hybrid sold with the benchmark price of $ 55 thousand to $ 118 thousand. This efficient, fast, and environmentally friendly car is very worthy to fill your home garage.

The Newest Mercedes-Benz CL-Class

Mercedes-Benz is probably one of the world’s finest car manufacturers. Their products are always awaited and desired by consumers; maybe you are one of them. Well, you can now get the newest 2011 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class, Mercedes-Benz CL550 4MATIC. How does the look and performance of this car?

Mercedes-Benz CL550 4MATIC has eye-catching design, with a slightly muscular body makes its charm can break your heart. At the front bumper is equipped with three pairs of the latest air intake with chrome trim strip. In addition there is the brake cooling air surrounded with LED chrome strip. Headlights use a standard Bi-xenon headlamp that makes lighting no doubt. The back of the car there are new tail lamp design. In addition there is a new standard for all Mercedes-Benz CL-Class, The Adaptive High Beam Assist system. This camera-based system could recognize the other vehicle approaching or in front of us.

For engine performance, Mercedes-Benz CL550 4MATIC fitted with the latest V8 engine biturbo that uses BlueDirect technology. The machine is capable of producing 429 hp, and can reach speeds of 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds. This Sedan Car is 12% more powerful, 10-15% more efficient, 23% more environmentally friendly than its predecessor.

Well, are you interested in buying a Mercedes-Benz CL550 4MATIC? You can get a price of approximately $ 115 thousand. This sedan will make you seen more elegant and charismatic.