First Look on 2011 BMW 5-Series

2011 BMW 5-Series

2011 BMW 5-Series is back to being one stern and handsome German, meant to take on other sternly other German cars such as Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. If we look back, when the 2010 BMW 5-Series F10 sedan comes to North America in June 2010, the first two setups will be the gas-slaking marquee cars, the 2011 BMW 325i has 302 horsepower turbocharged direct-injected 3.0-liter V6 with intake-side Valvetronic, and the 2011 BMW 550i has recently developed 402 horsepower with twin-turbo with direct-injected 4.4-liter V8.

The 2011 BMW 5-Series has ZF-built eight-speed as its standard equipment and it comes attached to the twin-turbo V8 which replaces the last-generation of the 362 horsepower 4.8-liter naturally aspirated unit, and following the 8.6 percent price hike promised in Germany. So, we predict the price tag for the 2011 BMW 5-Series is $65,600 – more or less.

If we compare the previous 5-Series with the current 550i of 2011 BMW 5-Series which has 4.8-liter V8 and new twin turbo 4.4-liter, the horsepower is up by 11 percent while fuel use drops by 5 percent. The acceleration from 0 to 60 mph for the 550i of 2011 BMW 5-Series is pretty much as it was before at just under 5 seconds, and top speed on all cars on North America is limited to 130 mph, extendable up to 150 mph with the 2011 BMW 5-Series Sport package.

2011 BMW 5-Series has hood, front fender, and door panels made from aluminum to save weight, the 550i weighs in at 4.035 pounds at the curb with no passengers. The visual tricks of the 2011 BMW 5-Series make it seem more imposing – bigger, wider triple intakes at the chin, liberal  use of the horizontal lines front and back, stretched lighting units – match well with the slightly lower height, wider track with pronounced haunches, and greater overall width. Despite all the features, the 2011 BMW 5-Series has made Vorsteiner to made tuning kit for it, click here to read our coverage.

2011 BMW 7-Series as the Latest Flagship Sedan

2011 BMW 7-Series

2011 BMW 7-Series is considered to be BMW’s latest flagship sedan which comes in a variety of models, ranging from the base 2011 BMW 740i turbocharged V6 model with 315 horsepower, to the V8 of 2011 BMW 750i. All the 2011 BMW 7-Series variants are powered by a 4.4-liter twin-turbo which first appeared under the bonnet of the new BMW X6.

2011 BMW 7-Series’ engine is rated at 400 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. The V8 twin-turbo will be powering the 2011 BMW 750i and the 2011 BMW 750Li models, in both traditional two wheel drive and BMW’s new xDrive (AWD) versions.

BMW is planning to add the 2011 BMW 760i to the production line-up of 2011 BMW 7-Series which will be equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

For the latest model year onward of the 2011 BMW 7-Series, BMW is raising the stakes with a 535 horsepower; 6.0-liter V12 turbocharged powering the 2011 BMW 760Li. The price tag for the 2011 BMW 760Li is $136,600 which makes the 2011 BMW 760i the only large luxury sedan in at this price point available with a V12 in the US market.

The 2011 BMW 7-Series will roll on 18-inches alloy wheels shod in all-season run0flat tires in a 245/50R18 size. Tow styles of 19-inches with performance-oriented rubber will be optional.

The weight-saving measures of the 2011 BMW 7-Series have shaved about 120 lbs thanks to largely to increased used of aluminum in the body as compared to the previous generation car despite the new 2011 BMW 7-Series carries more standard equipment. Another detail added by BMW on the 2011 BMW 7-Series is to improve fuel consumption by reducing drag is a flap in the grille that eliminates unneeded airflow.

The four-wheeling steering will be included on the 2011 BMW 7-Series option list, along with an all-wheel drive option known as xDrive. With the four-wheel steering system, the rear wheels of the 2011 BMW 7-Series will turn in the opposite direction as the front ones at speeds below 35 mph, and will turn up to three degrees in the same direction as speeds climb above that.

The 2011 BMW 7-Series will be completed by a new active chassis management system which BMW refers it as “IMS”. The IMS on the 2011 BMW 7-Series will provide the driver the choice of Comfort, Normal, Sport and Sport Plus settings, changing settings, such as shock settings, steering effort, gear change speed and smoothness, and the sensitivity of the stability control system.

2011 BMW 7-Series Driver Interior

BMW not only think about the safety of the 2011 BMW 7-Series owners, but also other people such as pedestrians. A new night vision system on the 2011 BMW 7-Series ensures to increase safety for pedestrians.

This system on the 2011 BMW 7-Series is able to detect human presence in front of the vehicle and then flash a warning symbol on the display. Moreover, the system on the 2011 BMW 7-Series will be able to tell if a pedestrian is in the road or safely on the sidewalk, although it is not clear how the system can differentiate the two.

For those who like to taste a bit of speeding, the 2011 BMW 7-Series can read the speed the limit signs and warn drives when they are driving too fast. Unfortunately, this high-tech feature on the 2011 BMW 7-Series will only be available in Europe for now.

2011 BMW 7-Series still has unique feature left; the ability of keeping an eye on your speed during inclement weather. The camera on the 2011 BMW 7-Series can detect fog or rain, and will warn drivers when they are approaching an unsafe speed. Despite the warning, the system on the 2011 BMW 7-Series has no control over the speed of the vehicle so those with lead feet no need to worry.

Ride with 2011 Audi Q5

2011 Audi Q5

2011 Audi Q5 is crossover which intended for the replacement of the minivan. The minivan sprang out of the station wagon revolt and the CUV is the result of minivan denial. As we all know, the formula is the same : start with a sedan, add a taller box, toss in some optional AWD to make buyers think they are getting something rugged and you get instant sales success.

The outside look on the 2011 Audi Q5 crossover has the same body as the majority of the Audi line-up. The whole some sheet metal is attractive, but completely devoid of the dramatic styling cues that grace the new BMW X3, GLK, SRX, and even the XC60.

In order to maintain the brisk sales, the base of the 2011 Audi Q5 crossover has received an engine down-size for 2011. It is likely that the 2011 Audi Q5 crossover is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged TFSI engine.

The engine on the 2011 Audi Q5 crossover is nothing new, what caught our attention is the lighter duty of eight-speed ZF cog-swapper which usually found under the hoods of certain Rolls Royce and BWM models. The 2 extra cogs are worth an 11% of improvements in fuel-economy usage over the previous six-speed.

The result of these displacement right-sizing and extra gears means the 2011 Audi Q5 crossover delivers 20 mpg for the city and 27 mpg for the highway and 22 mpg for the combination of both. On the paper, this is only a 15% increase, but during the real-world, it is 25% increase in mileage over a 2010 Audi Q5.

The only impediment to sporting progress in the 2011 Audi Q5 crossover seems to be the eight-speed transmission. The sheer number of gears seems to leave the transmission software confused about which gear is right for you.  And the result would be the acceleration could be a varied experience depending on your speed.

Audi Q5 Off-Road Capabilities

2011 Audi Q5 crossover costs $39,400 for the basic standard. The additional $3,000 give addition of navigation and parking sensor package and the $850 band and Olufson sound system.

Classy Ride of 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

How does it feel to drive a classy hatchback? Try to hop on to 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Unlike its predecessor which was launched on the 2007 with cheap interior, the 2012 C-Class finished in soft, rich plastics befitting the pricier E-class.

Mercedes-Benz adds new gauges with higher-quality displays, the seats are more comfortable, and the switchgear looks to have been lifted from the new CLS. The classy hatchback of 2012 C-Class variants are Mercedes-Benz C250 and Mercedes-Benz C350.

For the U.S. market, the 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class is powered by two new engines which will be mated with a seven-speed automatic transmission.  The engine system for the 2012 C250 is 1.8-liter V6 with turbocharged, while the C350 will be powered by a 3.0-liter V6. If you want more speed, the C350 has more horsepower because the 60-degree V6 engine design which is the ideal bank angle eliminating the need for a balance shaft.

The fuel-economy figures for the 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class have not been released by Mercedes-Benz, but we predict it will go about 23mpg for city driving and around 31mpg on the highway driving.

The exterior looks on 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class such as new bumpers on the front and the rear, also the new head- and taillights. Just like before, the Sport models have their grilles laid back with an inset Mercedes star; the Luxury models get a more upright grille with a stand-up hood ornament.

Mercedes-Benz equips the 2012 C-Class with sophisticated safety equipment. The Attention Assist is to ensure that the driver is awake; the Active Lane-Keeping Assist is to keep the driver in his lane which vibrates the steering wheel when this classy hatchback senses it has wandered from its lane, last but not least is Active Blind-Spot Assist which will tell you if a car is lurking in your blind spot.

Now, the part which you have been waiting for, the price tag for the 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class. We predict that the 2012 C250 costs $34,500, while the 2012 C350 worth $41,000.