Mercedes-Benz will introduce the latest A-Class concept at the Auto Shanghai 2011

Mercedes-Benz seems to not want to miss from its competitors in developing their new cars. In fact, they planned to introduce a concept car that represents the next generation A-Class, Mercedes-Benz A-Class M270. This concept car is planned to be shown at the Auto Shanghai 2011 this month. Then, what is interesting from Mercedes-Benz A-Class M270?

Like its predecessor, this concept car will still use the FWD (Front Wheel Drive) technology, but this time they wear the newest transverse engine. The engine will be capable of producing 210 hp. The latest Mercedes-Benz A-Class M 270 engine is a replacement of engine installed in previous versions. This car uses a dual clutch transmission to make you more comfortable when driving.

What is interesting from Mercedes-Benz A-Class M 270 is this concept car has a system that could help driver called the Collision Prevention Assist. This system will provide visual and audio warning if there is another car that crashed into your car. In addition, Mercedes-Benz A-Class M270 also features the Brake Assist system, which can give you a feeling of safety when driving.

Wow, it is interesting to wait what kind of this concept car when it launched. It is time for you to prepare your passport and visa, order a flight to Shanghai, and be witness to the introduction of Mercedes-Benz A-Class M270. We will wait for you there, so long.