Stars and Cars: Lindsay Lohan Hits a Man with Porsche Panamera

Lindsay Lohan's Porsche Panamera

Tell us what you think if we mention Lindsay Lohan other than drugs, alcohol, party all the time, lesbian love with DJ Samantha Ronson, the detention, problem with father, and Herbie movie which probably one thing she did it right. So, what’s up with LiLo this time? Well, it seems like the not so A-list Hollywood celebrity is going to add more record on her rap sheet as she reportedly involved in hit and run with her Porsche Panamera.

Yup… it seems like the Porsche 911 wasn’t big enough for Lindsay Lohan to store her stuffs and so she changed the ride into Panamera which offers her more room with the same power and speed. According to, the actress wanted to leave a club in Hollywood and when her Panamera couldn’t exit the parking lot due to the group of people who were standing on the way. The classy German saloon tried to turn and got out but accidentally hit a man in the process.

Actually, Lindsay Lohan’s Porsche Panamera was barely scrapped and the man who later found out that he was the manager of a local establishment wasn’t injured. Furthermore, our aforementioned source reported that LiLo fled the scene with her Panamera without anybody getting out seeing if the person was alright. Good thing for LiLo as she wasn’t drive the German four-door saloon although no official report who drove the vehicle.