Audi SR8 by Hofele Design

Audi R8 with HRE Wheels

Another tuning house that playing with German car – Hofele Design with its Audi SR8. Despite the fact that the German tuning house has unique taste of modifying cars, but what they have done with the SR8 sportscar is beyond awesome. The sporstcar has more luxury and menacing look than before, don’t you think? Again, this is why we love tuning so much as it reveals other personalities a car have and the one that can make it come true, is tuning house.

Audi R8 with HRE Wheels - engine

Okay, the exterior look of the Audi SR8 by Hofele Design starts with the new bumper alongside with the side air intakes and mesh courtesy of Audi RS5 – not the Cabrio, right? Moving on to the back, the SR8 sportscar got a new apron from Hofele Design and of course, that noticeable diffuser and extra space for quadruple tailpipes, a boot lid spoiler, and pair of side skirts.

Audi R8 with HRE Wheels - close up

The tires are custom and specially made by Hofele Design itself for the Audi SR8 with sizes 20-, 21-, and 22-inches.  Something is missing, can you guess what it is? Oh yes, the engine. The guys at Hofele Design puts an electronic lowering module which means that the driver has the ability to adjust the ride height at speeds up to 70km/h (44 mph). Hofele Design tweaking the engine for the SR8 sportscar by putting 4.2L petrol of D4 series from the Audi A8 that delivers 390 horsepower, as for the diesel engine, has the same power output.

Spyshots: Facelifted Audi RS5 Cabrio

Audi RS5 Cabrio Facelift

Audi has showed us the facelifted A5 in the DTM racing car and there is something missing – the Audi RS5. Knowing that the RS5 has been awaiting by most of automotive enthusiasts, the German automaker has deployed the prototype of the facelifted Audi RS5 in the form of cabrio. A facelifted RS5 in coupe convertible? Now that is one smoking hot sportscar!

The facelifted Audi RS5 Cabrio sportscar spotted took test drive without any camouflage sheet on it. That is right… You read it right; no camouflage sheet at all, just black shiny paint all over the facelifted RS5 Cabrio. At first, we noticed that the RS5 Cabrio prototype has S5 badges but closer look will reveal some elements that this is definitely a RS car. Don’t believe us? Take a look on the front fascia that carries over-sized air intakes, beefier wheelarches, and of course, larger brakes.

Audi RS5 Cabrio Facelift side view

Since these are series of spyshots, we don’t get the info on the engine, but judging by the engine sound, the facelifted Audi RS5 Cabrio might be carrying the same technical specs with the Coupe. The engine is 4.2L V8 that delivers 450 horsepower which mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch S-Tronic gearbox with the Quattro AWD system assigns to sending the power.

Audi RS5 Cabrio Facelift rear view

Taking the facelifted Audi RS5 Cabrio for a sprint it should be taking 0 to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds with top speed electronically limited to 174 mph (280 km/h). The official debut for the RS5 Cabrio will be taking place at next year’s Geneva Auto Show because the German carmaker wants their customers to be able to ride this sportscar in the spring. That explains why no camouflage sheet all over the sportscar, don’t you think?

Rumor: Porsche 550 Carries 1.9L Boxer?

Porsche 550

The rumor about Porsche 550 will never stop if the German automaker doesn’t even bother to give a short statement about it. The 550 is intended to be an entry-level sportscar which has been buzzing for more than a year now. Wait… you know what “entry-level” means, don’t you? Well, an entry-level means affordable. After all this time, Porsche decided to step into the rumor and give unofficial hint that they do work on the 550 sportscar and planning to power the car with 1.0L 4-cylinder boxer engine.

So, what makes Porsche (finally) confirmed on the 550 project? Well, if you notice, other German automakers – in this case VW Group – are developing the new entry level, oops… we mean affordable sportscar. You must remember the VW BlueSport concept, do you? And of course, the Audi R5. It will not be complete – and fair – competition if Porsche doesn’t tag along, don’t you think?

Now, we could predict that the Porsche 550 sportscar might be powered by 1.9L boxer engine and probably able to produce around 201 horsepower. The German car manufacturer is now trying to lower the weight down because the 1.9L engine might the best engine choice for the 550 and there is no way Porsche will give additional power for the affordable sportscar.

But somehow, we believe that Porsche will not just give up the 550 project with that amount of power. No official confirmation, but another rumor stated that the 550 might be offering one more variant that will be powered by 3.5L 4-cylinder that has the capability provides 360 horsepower. So, how the story for Porsche 550 affordable sportscar will end? We just have to wait and see.

Strip Off the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Engine

 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG

If we ask you, can you describe the Mercedes-Bens SLK 55 AMG, what will you answer? Here are some choices of words: sportscar (obviously), sleek, masculine yet feminine, fine work or art, and expensive. The fist time we heard about the SLK 55 AMG, our head was filled with imaginations in the form of the overall look and of course, the engine. Just thinking how the engine sound would be makes us shivering.

You know what kind of engine powered the Mercedes-Bens SLK 55 AMG sportscar, don’t you? To refresh your memory and we just never bored to mention this one particular engine over and over (and over) again. The naturally aspirated M157 5.5L V8. The “M157” code feels like we refer to some kind of secret code name on the James Bond movie.

Don’t be fooled by the “naturally-aspirated” because when it comes to the SLK 55 AMG, Mercedes-Benz never seemed too stingy. We pretty much aware here that this engine is replacing the old 6.2L V8, but we also have no doubt that the three-pointed engineers are doing their best to give – at least – the same amount of power despite cut down the size engine into 5.5L. Now, what have the engineers done to make the Mercedes-Bens SLK 55 AMG still be one of the most wanted sportscar?

2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG engine

The answer to that question will be “twin-turbo”. Yup… the SLK 55 AMG has 5.5L V8 naturally-aspirated engine with twin-turbo or we usually refer as the “dynamic duo”. It doesn’t stop there because Mercedes loaded the sportscar with more sophisticated performance parts namely variable valve timing, direct injection, stop-start button, and the highlight feature of all – the Cylinder Management courtesy of AMG. This unique system has functioned to send all 4 cylinders to at rest – Mercedes refers it as “sleep” – when they are not in used.

Those not-so-complicated engine and performance system under the hood of the Mercedes-Bens SLK 55 AMG guarantee to give fuel economy usage up to 8.4L per 100 km which if we converse it, hit around 28 mpg. Notice that the figure is for “normal” use; as when you take the sportscar for your daily ride. But if you step in the gas pedal on the Autobahn, that’s different story and definitely will set up new fuel not-so-efficient usage figure. Want to take the SLK 55 AMG for a sprint? Not moving your feet from the throttle will take the sportscar from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

New Wheels for Audi R8

Audi R8 with HRE Wheels

Each automaker has the star of their production such as Volkswagen with its Beetle, Porsche with its 911, BMW with its M-Series, and of course, Audi with its R8. This German sportscar has attracted many attentions and create its own die-hard fans. One of the noticeable features on R8 is the V10 engine that will rip off your ear when you hear the sound.

Now, customizing the Audi R8 is a bit tricky because its overall look is flawless and almost perfect. It’s like requesting Angelina Jolie to get her lips done which will make everything worst. But it doesn’t mean you can change the “innocent” appearance of the R8. Thanks to the tuning houses and their creative, out of the box way of thinking, what you see on the photo is Cinderella with new glass shoes.

Audi R8 with HRE Wheels - close up

Yes, the Cinderella with the new glass shoes is the Audi R8 that sits on multi-spoke, satin-finished HRE P43S alloy rims. Shoes number? We mean the tire size? It’s the killing 19-inch size, folks. You know, if the R8 sportscar is real life Cinderella, it can only raises one question: what kind of Prince suitable for her? Since this is German sportscar, all we can say is: who can be so lucky to own the R8 with HRE wheels?

Audi R8 with HRE Wheels - engine

If Cinderella has those beautiful dresses and tiaras, the Audi R8 carries fierce twin-turbo V10 engine. The engine compartment is made from carbon fiber and just to imagine how this sportscar will go on dyno test, it gives us the creep. Not the creep of scared, but more like the creep of knowing the engine capability of the R8 sportscar.