2012 VW New Beetle is ready to be launched this year

Volkswagen does not seem to play in capturing the 2012 VW New Beetle. The car is expected to continue the glory of its predecessor. Indeed, this coupe car will be made larger, sportier, and reduced its funny form; this third generation car is expected can attract more male consumers. As is known, all this time, the VW Beetle is identical with female consumers.

2012 VW New Beetle will look plumper, with increasing length of 168.4 inches, 6 inches tall, 71.2 inches wide, and up 3.3 inches. For the engines, Volkswagen is still trying to decide which engine is suitable for this coupe. The plan, VW seems to adopt the engine from other U.S. small VWs, such as the VW Golf or Jetta. Possibility, the 2012 VW New Beetle will use the five-cylinder gasoline engine that can produce 170 hp, or 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that can produce 200 hp. However, there is the possibility of this coupe using a 2-liter turbo-diesel that can produce 140 hp.

The plan, the 2012 VW New Beetle will begin to be marketed in the U.S. in September or October. While Volkswagen targeting China, Europe, Mexico and the U.S. will become the main market this Coupe car. Furthermore, Volkswagen is ready to spread the 2012 VW New Beetle to 70 countries worldwide. In the meantime, we must wait until the show Shanghai Auto Show, to get more details about the 2012 VW New Beetle. Then, we could see this car introduction in the New York Auto Show in May. Hopefully this Coupe car can continue the triumph of VW Beetle that has been known throughout the world.

Audi will introduce the latest electric vehicle charging system at the Shanghai Auto Show

In the event of Shanghai Auto Show which will be held on 21 April, Audi plans to introduce a new innovation for the Electric Vehicle. Such innovation is a universal connector that can be used to charge your electric vehicle. These products allow users to charge the electric vehicle battery at any charging station, no matter its method that is used.

Audi universal connector can certainly overcome the problem that users often complain about electric vehicle, specifically the use of different charging methods. With the Audi universal connector, we no longer need to mess around with the usual charging method we use, whether you use the method of one-phase AC-charging, fast three-phase AC-charging, DC-charging at home, or ultra-fast DC-charging at a public charging stations. “A smaller variety of vehicle interfaces reduces the complexity for deployment and development of electric vehicles. The universal interface provides the opportunity to conduct various charging scenarios with one single inlet. Otherwise several connectors and vehicle inlets were necessary for AC- and DC-charging,” said Audi.

Meanwhile, the Audi Universal connector details will be revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show. This tool was created to counter the invasion of electric vehicle in Europe in the next two years. Actually, it was the result of cooperation between Audi, BMW, and Daimler. This cooperation is to facilitate the integration of their electric vehicle in one interface tool that is easy to use.

Meanwhile, for the U.S. market, Audi ready to cooperate with car manufacturers from the U.S. In addition, Audi Universal connector is still awaiting international standardization that has been filed since January.