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Bugatti Veyron Ettore Concept

Before you get excited and run all over the room, please notice that what you see is the rendering image of Bugatti Veyron Ettore. Yes, it is very unusual name, but this is what happen when Bugatti decided to hold on the next-gen of the luxury supercar. Should we blame the Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer […]

Unveiling the Bentley Continental Flying Spur Linley Limited Edition

Remember the first time we shared about the arrival of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur Linley Limited Edition? After patiently waiting, we finally get the chance to see the overall look of this luxury saloon. Just want to refresh your memory a little bit, as that time, we only got the opportunity to scoop the […]

Spyshots: Facelifted Porsche Panamera

Just yesterday we got the spyshots of the Porsche 911 cabriolet, we got another spyshots from the Porsche Panamera facelifted.  Well, it seems doesn’t fair if the 911 series have gotten all the attention, so the Panamera saloon wants more attention – or at least, the same amount of attention, right? Rumor has it that […]

Porsche Panamera Turbo Red Race by Anderson Germany

Let’s take off our attention from the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show for awhile to get closer look on Porsche Panamera Turbo Red Race saloon by Anderson Germany tuning house. You see, every Porsche car has its own aura which draws attention from tuning houses which their main goal is to present a different side of […]

Spotted: Spyshots on 2012 Audi S6

New images of the upcoming 2012 Audi S6 luxury saloon have just fallen into our figurative lap, and surprisingly the car isn’t wearing any camouflage. Perhaps, given the fact that the regular A6 saloon is out and about, the Ingolstadt engineers didn’t feel the need to cover the car up, but the only thing which […]

BMW Launches the First Commercial Video of 2012 BMW M5

2012 BMW M5 only shows a little bit of its performance, so the fact that the BMW just released a second commercial video of the four-door saloon which does not bother us in the slightest. Given what the previous model did for BMW’s image of 2012 BMW M5 saloon, we expect many great things to […]

Carbon Fiber Diet for BMW M3 CRT

BMW M3 CRT saloon which is offered by BMW is almost the same level of performance as the coupe, a big carbon fiber booster chair that will make it just as hot as the two-door model. The way we see this is that BMW M3 CRT saloon has been going through some serious weight loss […]

Revealing the Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR by TopCar

Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR by TopCar probably could have called it the Master Blaster or the Super Duper, but it would still have been as cool as heck. TopCar has done something really well… we refer is as insane where they have transformed the bland and mundane-looking Porsche Panamera four-door saloon into Porsche Panamera Stingray […]

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