Rumor: Audi A3 Sedan at 2012 Geneva Motor Show?

Audi A3 Concept

We have seen some spyshots of the Audi’s vehicles and we are missing something here – where is the Audi A3 sedan? Now, we think that Audi is the only carmaker that able to pull that off. Transforming certain model into another model surely needs years of experience and definitely group of people on R&D department that have think-out-of –the-box type of people. Take a look at the A3 sedan concept which obviously well-designed and of course, we just love the 408 horsepower under the bonnet.

Audi targeted next year’s Geneva Auto Show to be the perfect place of introductory for the production version of A3 sedan concept. If the A3 arrives at Geneva next year, it means that the German automaker is dropping the same time as the 3rd generation of the popular hatch. We just can’t help to think: which German rivals that the a3 is trying to take on?

The answer is pretty clear: the contenders for the Audi A3 sedan will be none other than the BMW 1-Series and the duo of Mercedes-Benz A-Class and B-Class. The A3 will be available on 4 body styles. Two of the variants will be carrying the MQB modular chassis courtesy of VW Group. Other models in the form of three-door hatch and convertible will be using 2,595mm-long wheelbase; 5-door Sportsback and four-door sedan offer 2,630 mm-long wheelbase.