Tuning Series: V-CT Kit for Porsche Cayenne by Vorsteiner

 Vorsteiner Porsche Cayenne V-CT Kit

Our tuning series for today will be discussing about the V-CT kit for Porsche Cayenne courtesy of Vorsteiner. If we put the Cayenne in an analogical form of a child, what do you think? We think that the Cayenne is one spoiled kid; it’s like Paris Hilton with her white Lexus LFA, her poor pink Bentley, and of course, her itsy bitsy Chihuahua doggie.

As for the Porsche Cayenne, the luxury crossover has been achieving new aftermarket gifts from all tuning houses in the world and somehow, manages to show the – endless – other side of Cayenne. So, who is guilty to bring another aftermarket kit for Porsche Cayenne?

It will be Vorsteiner, ladies and gents. The tuning house has just presented new customization package for the current generation of Porsche 958 Cayenne dubbed as “V-CT” kit. Unfortunately, the tuning package only targets the cosmetic department which means that the engine will stay the same.

Now, the V-CT kit for Porsche Cayenne from Vorsteiner is in the form of an aerodynamic package that includes the V-CT designation such as side-skirts, a rear bumper with a diffuser, front fascia, and of course – the roof spoiler.

Moving on, Vorsteiner also offers other technical stuffs for the Cayenne luxury crossover in form of a set of custom rims with multi-spoke design and titanium exhaust system which both are contributed for saving some weights off. For your information, the exhaust system is available only for the Porsche Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo. The V-CT kit will be ready for sale at the end of this year.

Porsche Faces Demand for China Market

2011 Porsche Cayenne

Porsche might be feeling a bit weird because they experience bad news and good news at the same time. Well, here is what exactly happens. Porsche delivered around 10,772 vehicles on July 2011 which nearly close to the same sales number on July last year.

Now, the sales numbers on Porsche sales report stated that for the total seven months in 2011, they have added up around 71,318 vehicles delivered which an increase of 28.6 percent over the same period of 2010.

Porsche found out that the magnificent sales number was contributed by the sales in China with 2,484 vehicles. This makes Porsche able to report a fivefold increase compared with the same month last year which also make it the best monthly result in Chine ever.

For total sum up, Porsche had delivered 14,751 vehicles in the today financial year which placed China as Porsche’s second largest market. Just so you know, China has been attracting many European car makers to do the investment there. Not only building manufacturing plant and sign joint venture with local car business, but also market the vehicle around the Asia.

Okay, back to the figures Porsche tries to calculate. With China as Porsche’s 2nd largest market, it marks 72.6 percent increase if compare to the sales number between January to July 2010. Porsche had no choice  but to add the production quota on 2011 and their main focus is to increase the production number of Porsche Cayenne as it is the best-selling model in China.

Not only scored as the best-selling SUV model in China, but Porsche Cayenne is the best-selling model across the world. Around 5,483 units of Porsche Cayenne delivered in July 2011 which represented an increase of 16.1 percent compared to the same month in the year before. On the other hand, the Panamera achieves 2,352 deliveries which just a bit higher compared to last year’s result. The Porsche 911 model just posted 35.1 percent with 1,666 vehicles sold.

Porsche Cayenne Adds Profits Up to 59%

Porsche Cayenne

We know that Porsche has plans for its SUV offering, as a smaller Cajun will hit the market in coming years in both two- and four-door versions, yet the existing Porsche Cayenne is doing just fine on the market right now, as it has helped the German carmaker increase its profits by 59 percent in the first half of the year, according to our German contributor.

During the same period, demand for the German SUV more than doubled, so the expected 20 percent increase in production for next year might not be enough to lower the waiting list to under half a year. Demand must have caught even Porsche execs by surprise, because it’s rumored that customers in places like China are having to wait as much as a year for their Porsche Cayenne luxury SUV  to arrive.

With strong backing from Volkswagen, with Porsche Cayenne luxury SUV, Porsche wants to double all its sales by 2018 to about 200,000, which would make the 911 figures look positively enormous compared to other lesser sportscar makers.

Porsche shifted 28,000 in the first six months of the year, reinforcing the company’s pledge to sell more than 100,000 units this year, from 97,000 in 2010. With the way things are shaping up, the figure could be surpassed by at least 10 percent.

China gobbled up the Porsche Cayenne and 911 at an incredible pace, reporting a 47 percent increase to 11,712 sportscars and SUVs.

“Profit and margin are both above expectations,” said Juergen Pieper, a Frankfurt-based analyst at Bankhaus Metzler. “Porsche has excellent products with the Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Panamera and the overall environment for premium cars is very solid.”

Virtually all the current Porsche models will be replaced revised or will get a new configuration in the next two years, so Porsche’s future look secure.


Porsche in Trouble; Can’t Keep Up With Porsche Cayenne Demand

2011 Porsche Cayenne

Better engines and the recently introduced cosmetic changes have resulted in a 37 percent increase in the only Porsche Cayenne luxury SUV available at the moment. The Porsche baby-Cayenne couldn’t come a moment too soon, but until that happens Porsche will have to increase production starting as early as next year.

Porsche Cayenne luxury SUV’s output will increase by 10 percent to 20 percent starting in 2012, Bernhard Maier, Porsche’s sales chief, said in an interview with our contributor. Limited production and increase in global demand of the Porsche Cayenne luxury SUV has resulted in 12 month delays being seen in markets such as China, and the carmaker wants this to be reduced to a maximum of six months.

“We’re now looking into ways we can expand production capacity to be able to serve our customers more quickly,” Maier said at the Stuttgart, Germany-based automaker’s headquarters. “First-half data show that we’re growing almost consistently in all world markets and across all model lines including Porsche Cayenne luxury SUV.”

The demand on Porsche Cayenne luxury SUV could eventually happen with the Porsche Panamera, as sales may rise to more than 28,000 units this year ends, compared to more than 20,000 in the first full year after the model came to market in September 2009.

Prospects in the U.S., the company’s biggest market for Porsche Cayenne luxury SUV, are very positive. “The U.S. market is still characterized by a degree of volatility that shouldn’t be underestimated. In the coming years, growth is conceivable in the U.S. to help return to levels seen before the crisis,”Maier said. Sales figures on the Porsche Cayenne luxury SUV for the first half of the year in the US rose 42 percent to 15,542 after a 19 percent in June.


Porsche Cayenne Custom by Lumma Design

Porsche Cayenne White by Lumma Design

Lumma Design – Winterlingen-based tuner has been customizing the latest Porsche Cayenne four-door luxury SUV model. Based on its popular CLR 558 GT body kit, the modified SUV turned slammed-down four-door coupe has received a number of styling changes, chief among which are the new 10×22-inch wheels.

The body kit on the “White Paper” Porsche Cayenne by Lumma Design upgrades the appearance of the luxury SUV with a new wide body aero kit, which comprises of a redesigned, two-tone front bumper with a plethora of LEDs and fog lights, a carbon Kevlar hood with air vents, high rising side skirts, wheel arch extensions, and a restyled rear bumper housing a diffuser and three central mounted exhaust tail pipes.

Porsche Cayenne White by Lumma Design - rear view

For the interior, the Lumma Design proposes the Porsche Cayenne four-door luxury SUV with an aluminum pedal set, illuminated door sills and leather floor mats for passengers and the cargo compartment. It has also received a lot of attention, being fitted with a two-tone leather upholstery, Alcantara finish for the plastic surfaces, a sports steering wheel, carbon trimming, aluminum pedals and bespoke instruments.

“Every interior is therefore unique. There are no limits to choice of colors and unique designs. to go with the high quality leathers we create carbon fiber applications in matching colors in almost any shade imaginable. The design shown, is the design range which is unique to Lumma Design. The distinctive diamond design is a distinctive feature, which is also reflected in the interior of the CLR 558 GT,”
says the company about the interior options it has to offer.

Porsche Cayenne White by Lumma Design - side view

Lumma Design has also announced that it’s soon to celebrate its 25th anniversary and will reveal a “Jubilee Cayenne Edition” this year. No details have been announced yet, but we are eagerly waiting to see what else Lumma Design can do with the Porsche Cayenne four-door luxury SUV.