Rumor: Audi is Working on Next-Gen of TT-RS

Audi TT-RS White

Dear Audi, can we get the Audi TT-RS more power, please? Sincerely, Audi Fans. That is probably what most Audi fans will write when they are asking what they want from their TT-RS sportscar. The story is pretty funny as the idea why Audi created the TT-R is because the fans think that the TT-S is not fast enough. Audi grant the wishes by giving the TT-RS with full power, and yet, it still not enough as many of them are turning to aftermarket and tuning developers to satisfy the quench for more speed.

After profound thoughts and camp-fire with the engineers at R&D department, Audi decided to work on the more powerful version of TT-RS sportscar. As we quoted from, the Audi TT-RS could be ready by next year. We don’t think that the reason why Audi scheduled the new TT-RS for next year is because the fans want more power. The reason is more like they are going to be massive launching of sportscars next year and it would incomplete if we don’t see Audi tag along, don’t you think?

The engine for the new Audi TT-RS could be in the form of turbocharged 2.5L inline 5-cylinder which has been upgraded to be able to deliver 385 horsepower. Just so you know, the current TT-RS sportscar carries 340 horsepower under its hood. So, how in the world Audi can give those additional horsepower?

We bet that Audi will not only give the new TT-RS sportscar new ECU map. Rumor has it that Audi much likely will be taking off the rear seats and gives new lightweight alloy rims. More power means the Audi TT-RS has to shed some weight and the German automaker could be cutting down the weight of the sportscar up to 60 kg. One more thing, the TT-RS could be carrying a fixed rear wing.