VW Bulli became the focus of Volkswagen’s main production

Looks like we will increasingly see a lot of VW Bulli which is will pack the streets of major cities. Because, the CEO of Volkswagen of America, Jonathan Browning, said that the production of VW Bulli is his main focus.

VW Bulli combines the 1950 VW transporter and 2001 and will use the Microbus concept. VW Bulli was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March. However, compared to its predecessor, this concept car a little smaller, thus expected to compete with the Kia Soul, Scion xB and Nissan Cube. In addition, the production of VW Bulli also will not interfere with sales of VW’s Chrysler-sourced Routan minivan. However, it will attract new customers who infatuated with the VW Bus.

Browning asserts that VW Bulli Volkswagen will maintain the image that Volkswagen is always follows the development of the era. VW Bulli will use an 85 KW electric motor, which can generate maximum speed of 87 mph and stay within a distance of 186 miles. However, the use of gas or turbodiesel engine will be much more acceptable by the market at the present time.

Nevertheless VW Bulli has attracted the interest of many groups. And its look like Browning’s decision to focus on the production of this concept car is very appropriate. Especially, if Volkswagen is want to achieve greater market share in the future.