Stars and Cars: Lindsay Lohan Hits a Man with Porsche Panamera

Lindsay Lohan's Porsche Panamera

Tell us what you think if we mention Lindsay Lohan other than drugs, alcohol, party all the time, lesbian love with DJ Samantha Ronson, the detention, problem with father, and Herbie movie which probably one thing she did it right. So, what’s up with LiLo this time? Well, it seems like the not so A-list Hollywood celebrity is going to add more record on her rap sheet as she reportedly involved in hit and run with her Porsche Panamera.

Yup… it seems like the Porsche 911 wasn’t big enough for Lindsay Lohan to store her stuffs and so she changed the ride into Panamera which offers her more room with the same power and speed. According to, the actress wanted to leave a club in Hollywood and when her Panamera couldn’t exit the parking lot due to the group of people who were standing on the way. The classy German saloon tried to turn and got out but accidentally hit a man in the process.

Actually, Lindsay Lohan’s Porsche Panamera was barely scrapped and the man who later found out that he was the manager of a local establishment wasn’t injured. Furthermore, our aforementioned source reported that LiLo fled the scene with her Panamera without anybody getting out seeing if the person was alright. Good thing for LiLo as she wasn’t drive the German four-door saloon although no official report who drove the vehicle.

No More Volkswagen Beetle Mexico Taxi

Volkswagen Beetle Mexico Taxi

Mexico has one of the well-known tourist magnets besides its food and it comes in the form of personal public transportation fleet. For years, Mexico is the home for Volkswagen Beetle taxi where the old German bugs are converted to mass transportation in green and white combination livery. Unfortunately, Mexico is going to lose this tourism symbol because the Beetle taxi will be dismissed by the end of 2012.

According to, the classic Volkswagen Beetle which serves as Mexican taxi was last produced in 2003. It was the same year when Mexico transportation government began to transform the bug into taxi and switched them into four-door. Furthermore, our aforementioned source reported that the last Beetle which entered the service as taxi was back in 2002 and already got extended years of service for two years compared to the most taxi fleets.

Now, the classic Volkswagen Beetle which currently serves as Mexico taxi is 74 years old and as far as it is very unique tourist magnet, the vehicle is predicted to suffer problems which might endanger the safety of the tourists. Not only that, but also because the taxi driver usually ditched off the front passenger seat to give access t the cramped rear quarters of the German bug.

Mexico is growing country and the reason why the Beetle serves as taxi there is because this classic car has low operation cost. So, if you want to experience the sensation of Mexican taxi fleet in the form of classic 74-years old Volkswagen Beetle, better book your vacation now, folks.

Celebs and Cars: Eva Longoria Drives 2011 BMW 750Li

Eva Longoria with Her BMW 750Li

When it comes to celebrities and their cars, we are talking about luxury cars. And this is the case with the Desperate Housewives’ cast Eva Longoria as we spotted her driving the new 2011 BMW 750Li. Just look at the photo, it does suit her personality and style don’t you think? It would be so wrong if the divorcee from the basketball player of San Antonio Spurs – Tony Parker – to choose to drive SUV like her best friend – Kim Kardashian.

It understandable why Eva Longoria chose to drive the 2011 750Li sedan because her petit body is definitely doesn’t suit the big cars such as Cadillac. The 750Li is not her only luxury toys, according to online entertainment website, Ms. Longoria also has Bentley Continental, BMW X6 and Lamborghini Gallardo. It seems like our hot Hispanic actress has certain fondness of luxury cars, don’t you think?

The 2011 BMW 750Li belongs to Eva Longoria is one powerful saloon which carries an extended wheelbase for better legroom in the back. Just like the rest of 750Li models, this is one is also powered by a highly advanced and unique reverse flow twin-turbo V8 powertrain. The displacement is 4.4L and equips with direct fuel injection. The overall engine and performance for the 2011 750Li saloon delivers 400 horsepower. Check out the license plate that says “Century West which means that Eva Longoria just bought the Beemer from a well-known BMW dealer in Hollywood.

First Look at Volkswagen California Beach

Volkswagen California Beach

If you live near the beach, then spending your weekend with Volkswagen California Beach will be perfect for you. This camper van has base price up to £34,970/€40,159. Going camping with this van will not be difficult, but it will be all fun and practical.

The California Beach van can load up to 7 people that sounds more than enough as its sister Up able to load 16 people. The German van is available in two- or three-seat rear bench and the individual chairs as its optional features. The front seats can be turned to the face the rear, and we can also find a portable table which place in the sliding lateral door. The other two folding seats are hide nicely on the tailgate.

The term camping van for Volkswagen California Beach means it has sleeping accommodation up to 4 persons and if that is not enough, the bench seat folding can be two-berth bed which fit the width of the vehicle. A manual pop-up roof can be used as pop-up bed too.

Volkswagen California Beach interior

The engine of the California Beach camping van is available in 2.0L TDI with BlueMotion Technology with 114 horsepower. Das Auto said that it has eco-features such as a start-stop system, cruise control, brake regeneration, longer gearing, and low rolling resistant tires.

The other features for the Volkswagen California Beach is 32L cool/warm box which is powered by second leisure battery, privacy glass, programmable parking heater, satnav, and xenon headlight with LED daytime running lights.