Pricing for 2012 BMW ActiveHybrid 5

2012 BMW ActiveHybrid 5

The 2012 BMW ActiveHybrid 5 is ready to give hybrid sedan new attitude. Alongside with its siblings ActiveHybrid 3 which is currently on progress, the Bavarian automaker wants to gain a bit of supremacy by giving hybrid vehicle a new luxury standard feature.

2012 BMW ActiveHybrid 5

The 2012 ActiveHybrid 5 is combining the 3.0L TwinPower Turbo inline V6 that equips with an electric drive system coupled to an 8-speed automatic transmission. It’s not purely hybrid, but we kudos Bavarian carmaker to be able to pull the hybrid sedan in the production form, not merely a concept. The additional electric motor responsible for giving a boost of 55 horsepower with the total power output will be 340 horsepower.

2012 BMW ActiveHybrid 5

The base price for 2012 BMW ActiveHybrid 5 for German market is €62,900/$85,702. Wait… does it sound more expensive than the 535i, doesn’t it? Yes, we are afraid that is true as it costs €12,200 more expensive than the 535i which powered by the 3.0L turbocharged V6.  If you are confuse which one you have to choose, let put it this way: buying the 2012 ActiveHybrid 5 means you do a little favor helping to save the mother nature; buying the 535i means you do care about the existence of the mother nature, but being a speed-addict is bit difficult to choose the hybrid sedan.

2012 BMW ActiveHybrid 5

The hybrid powertrain on the 2012 BMW ActiveHybrid 5 brilliantly limits the fuel consumption around 6.4 and 7.0L per 100km (44 – 40 mpg). The CO2 emission figures for the 2012 ActiveHybrid 5 sedan score at 149 grams per km. One of the highlighted features on the hybrid 5-series is it can be driven electric-only mode with the top speed around 60 km/h (37 mph). Taking this hybrid sedan for a sprint, it will be able to hit 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.9 seconds with top speed at 155 mph (250 km/h).

Spyshots: BMW ActiveHybrid 3-Series

BMW ActiveHybrid 3 Series

Will you believe us if we told you that the Bavarian company is about to launch the BMW ActiveHybrid 3-Series sedan? No… it’s not joke, folks… We spotted the Bavarian company took their new ActiveHybrid 3-Series sedan for test drive which some of the bodies covered with camouflage sheet. We were a bit surprise because we never thought BMW will offer 3-Series in the form of hybrid model. So, how did we know that the BMW ActiveHybrid 3-Series is hybrid?

Despite the camouflage sheet on the BMW ActiveHybrid 3-Series, we can see the sides and the rear of the sedan which has stickers on it. That stickers are the same stickers which have been used before for other hybrid BMW cars.

BMW ActiveHybrid 3 Series - side view

The info on the performance parts are a bit blurry right now but the BMW ActiveHybrid 3-Series might be powered by a combination of V6 engine with an electric motor. So, it’s not pure hybrid like Toyota Prius or Nissan LEAF. It is also very possible that the ActiveHybrid 3-Series might be using four-cylinder petrol engine as part of the hybrid powertrain.

Well, whatever the engine options are, we really hope that the BMW ActiveHybrid 3-Series sedan will not have the same destiny with the X6 ActiveHybrid as the Bavarian automaker had to end the project. What makes the X6 never be born in the form of production version is because BMW ambitiously wanted to achieve big power, big weight, and big price. The ActiveHybrid 3-Series will be ready late next year to accompany the regular 3-Series sedan.

Rumor: No More BMW X6 Active Hybrid?

BMW X6 Active Hybrid

What we think about the BMW X6 Active Hybrid is truly a strange design from the Bavarian automaker. Strange but also emphasizes the Bavarian car manufacturer can produce a BMW X6 Active Hybrid crossover. Sadly, most automotive reviewers said that the idea of bringing the X6 crossover a hybrid version is useless and the BMW will might never scored impressive sales numbers.

What the automotive reviewers have said about the impossibility carries by the BMW X6 Active Hybrid crossover has pretty much influenced the Bavarian automaker. But, before we drop you the ugly truth, let’s see why the BMW X6 Active Hybrid crossover seems to be difficult to produce.

The performance of the BMW X6 Active Hybrid crossover consists of twin-turbocharged V8 gasoline engine and two electric synchronous motors which providing 91 horsepower and 86 horsepower. The total power output is 400 horsepower.  Taking the BMW X6 Active Hybrid for sprint, it means the crossover is able to reach 60 mph in 5.4 seconds with the top speed at 130 horsepower.

BMW X6 Active Hybrid - engine system

Tom Purves, the Chairman and CEO for BMW North American has this to say about the BMW X6 Active Hybrid crossover, “A BMW customer may not be desperately worried about paying his gasoline bill. But he would like to have bragging rights that his new 7 series doesn’t just go fast, it actually uses a bit less fuel.”

So, at the beginning, the BMW X6 Active Hybrid crossover is to show that the Bavarian company is keeping its focus on luxury and performance, while at the same time integrating slow steady fuel efficiency improvements. Now, back to reality where BMW realized that bringing the BMW X6 Active Hybrid crossover to life is way too much heavy if they have to offer certain expected fuel economy. That is why, finally the Bavarian auto manufacturer decided that the BMW X6 Active Hybrid does not make any sense and must be put to an end.

Upgraded Audi Q7 Arrives in 2012

Audi Q7 Hybrid concept

If BMW has X5 and Porsche has Cayenne, Audi tries to work on its Audi Q7 crossover. Yes… the Audi Q7 crossover didn’t wager much in its reputation like BMW and Porsche. The way we see it is like this: Audi has built wagons which focused on Quattro all-wheel drive and adored by the American customers. But in the end, the Q model has grown and inserted the Q5 and Q3, and should incorporate a couple more in the future and that includes the Audi Q7 crossover.

Let’s ask Audi Chairman Rupert Stadler about the possibility of Audi Q7,“There is no doubt… that crossovers are still selling like hotcakes even though the trend seems to be shifting toward more compact models.”

Audi Q7 Hybrid concept - interior

The developments of Audi Q7 crossover are to fulfill the needs of the young boys on the market. One thing for sure, Audi will put the Q7 on very extremely strict diet aluminum. The massive amount of aluminum is intended to create a lighter version of the upcoming Audi Q7.

Rumor has it that the Audi Q7 crossover platform will be shared with both Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayenne. “Shared” here does not mean Audi Q7 crossover will get same weight like Touareg and Cayenne; Audi wants more. The more weight loss Audi Q7 crossover involves in, the happier Audi will get. Do not look this at the human point of view, but try to look from the car point of view. It is not cruel; it is what Audi Q7 crossover needs to keep up with other crossover in the market.

Audi Q7 Hybrid concept - rear view

An inside source stated that Audi Q7 crossover is expected to lose weight around 650 pounds (295kg) and will be arrived next year as 2013 model year. The use of aluminum on Audi Q7 crossover will help with the weight saving, but the four-ring company might be working on the smaller engine too.

Audi Q7 Hybrid concept - engine

The predictions for the Audi Q7 crossover involved a 3.0L engine range with some possibilities of V8 variants just like what Audi did for the facelifted S5. To expand their customers range, the Audi Q7 crossover probably will be available in diesel engine and hybrid powertrain.

Turkish Designers Proposed BMW Z5 Concept

BMW Z5 Concept by Ismet Cevik and Fatih Tezel of Nobile-OT

BMW Z5 probably somewhere around the long to-do list at the BMW’s R&D department. But one person which has nothing to do with BMW’s R&D department shares his vision on what the BMW Z5 will look like. Let us introduce you to Ismet Cevik and Fatih Tezel, both designers at Nobile-OT team. From the BMW Z5 concept drawing, we could tell that Cevik and Tezel are aiming for a futuristic mid-engine supercar. BMW itself will launch the production model of BMW Z5 in 2013.

We should congratulate Ismet Cevik and Fatih Tezel from Nobile-OT team because they have caught BMW’s attention with the BMW Z5 concept design. BMW could sense the solid conceptual study and decided to the proposal from Ismet Cevik and Fatih Tezel of Nobile-OT team as a seriously viable project.

Here is what the BMW Z5 mid-engine supercar looks like. The Z5 will be powered with a V8 or V12, and probably offering the model in 2-door for 2+2 coupe. The idea to bring the 2-door and 2+2 coupe is inspired the discontinuation of BMW 8-Series back in 1999.

The BMW Z5 mid-engine supercar concept by Ismet Cevik and Fatih Tezel from Nobile-OT team is intended to challenge Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo and Porsche 911 because the Turkish designers confident that their BMW Z5 concept will make it stand apart from the crowd. There are resemblances on the BMW Z5 mid-engine supercar concept with the late BMW 8-Series, but the Z5 has more futuristic style and definitely emphasizes the BMW style in the future.

Being supercar does not mean the BMW Z5 concept be the future enemy of the Green Peace supporters. It has a light weight frame and has successfully integrated hybrid technology as part of BMW’s commitment to make their cars support the eco-friendly movement. A mid-mounted 4.0L engine has fitted behind the cockpit and hopefully manages to develop up to 480 horsepower. Not much of details shared about the mid-engine supercar concept design by Ismet Cevik and Fatih Tezel from Nobile-OT team, but we believe that the BMW Z5 concept becomes a star worthy revealing.