Tuning Series: Audi A1 by Eibach

Eibach Audi A1

Another tuning series news and this time, it’s the Audi A1 by Eibach. Just look at the photos; can the coupe hatchback be more aggressive than this? Question: how many tuning houses you know have the guts to play with the A1? Customizing the coupe hatchback is not that easy, but it seems like Eibach once able to pull it off. Eibach is not only an expert tuning house, but they have other expertise too which is the suspension specialist.

Eibach Audi A1 - side view

Eibach stated that the reason why they chose to play with Audi A1 is because they want to give the coupe hatchback a balanced modification project that has major attention on the tech side of the car. In order to be able to reach that goal, Eibach asked the help from Bilstein and Bilstein is happy to offer their new B12 Pro-Kit.  That kit makes the A1 closer to the road by 40mm but drivers can adjust them from the dampers.

Eibach Audi A1 - rear view

Notice that awesome tires? The Audi A1 gets Borbet XA wheels in 18×8 size with a multi-spoke design and placed on 12mm Eibach spacers. It’s not complete if customizing A1 without even tweaking the engine a little bit, right? The ordinary engine for the A1 is the 1.4L TSI turbocharged that able to offer 122 horsepower and after upgraded, its able to deliver 157 horsepower. To complete the performance system, Eibach mounted a Remus exhaust system for the A1 that uses 84mm tailpipes and of course, a remap ECU.

UK Pricing for Volkswagen Up

Volkswagen Up

The Volkswagen Up will be ready for their new home in UK in spring 2012. The base price for this German hatchback sets at £7,995. Das Auto hopes the Up will be able to compete on the compact city car segment because the hatchback offers engine range which we think is pretty competitive. The engine for VW Up is in the form of 1.0L that able to provide 60 and 75 horsepower. If you want to save the mother nature, Volkswagen offers the Up in BlueMotion Technology version.

There are three models for Volkswagen Up and two special editions. The three models for the hatchback are the Take Up, Move Up, and High Up; as for the special editions are in the form of Up Black and Up White. For the first batch, the Up hatchback will be in three-door version because the five-door version has scheduled for sale on the second half of the 2012.

The Take Up is set as the base model for the Volkswagen Up and carries standard features such as front and side/head/thorax airbags, body-colored bumpers, 14-inch steel wheels, daytime running lights, and brand new RCD 215 CD radio with aux-in.

Choosing the Move Up model, Das Auto filled this hatchback with features namely the easy-entry seats, variable-height load floor, electric front windows, remote central locking, a height-adjustable driver’s seat, air conditioning, and 60:40 split/fold rear seats. With price tag at £8,970; this Up carries additional features in the form of body-colored door mirrors and handles.

On the performance part, the Move Up equips with BlueMotion Technology. The technology offers the hatchback with start-stop system which able to give fuel efficiency up to 6%, braking energy recover, and low rolling resistance tires. This technology can be yours if you willingly pay for £360.

The other model for Volkswagen Up will be the High Up that will cost you around £10,390. Yup… its more expensive hatchback compare to other models, but with that price, you will be able to enjoy features like the electrically heated and adjustable door mirrors, heated front seats, hear lever and handbrake grip, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a choice of dashboard color and the Maps and more personal information device. Its easy to spot this hatchback, just look for those 15-inch alloy rims and fog lights.

We still have two more special editions of the Up – the Up Black and Up White that offered in £11,180 for each hatchback. Judge from the name, the Up Black dresses in deep black pearl, while the Up White covers in pure white metallic paint. Both hatchbacks have 16-inch alloy rimes, chrome door mirror caps and door side strips, and body-colored center sections. Step inside, you will find special stripes upholstery, carpet mats, and body-colored dashboard.

Check these optional extras for the Volkswagen Up that are available in 8 packages:

  • Sensor pack (£350): parking sensors, cruise control, multifunction computer
  • Driver’s assistance pack (£400): City Emergency Braking, ESP, passenger airbag deactivation switch
  • Comfort pack (£350): remote central locking, electric front windows, height adjustable driver’s seat
  • Winter pack (£350): front fog lights, heated front seats, electrically heated and adjustable door mirrors
  • Chrome pack (£250): chrome door mirror caps and side strips
  • Sports pack (£450): 16-inch alloy wheels, sports suspension and tinted glass from the B-pillar backwards
  • Sound pack (£100): four additional speakers (two front, two rear)
  • Leather-look pack (£650): leather-look seats, leather-covered steering wheel, gear lever and handbrake, plus carpet mats

US Pricing for 2012 Volkswagen Golf R

2012 Volkswagen Golf R

The US customers will be able to get their hands on the 2012 Volkswagen Golf R next year, and that is why Das Auto officially announced the US price for the hot hatchback. We all know that the VW hatchback is not that popular in US soil, but Das Auto has been trying invades the US market with hatchback version as they launched the VW Golf Edition 35.

The 2012 Golf R will be available in three-and five-door models. The base price sets at $33,900 exclude the destination charge. If you want to buy the 2012 Volkswagen Golf R with more style in it, the hatchback offers the navigation and sunroof for $35,490 in two-door form and for the 4-door form, it will cost you around $36,900. Again, all those prices excluded the destination charge.

On the performance part, the 2012 Golf R hatchback is powered by a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine which gives power output up to 256 horsepower and maximum torque around 243 lb-ft. Bringing the new Golf R for sprint – 0 to 60 mph – will be completed in less than 6 seconds with the top speed reaches at 130 mph (209 km/h).

Not enough power for you? The 2012 Volkswagen Golf R has one more advantage – easy to be tuned or we refer it as tuning-friendly. Throw new remap ECU, add another turbo, and you might end up with hatchback with more power than the standard version. To transfer all the power, the 2012 Golf R equips with 4Motion AWD system. The EPA figures for the US version of the Golf R are around 19 mpg for city and 27 mpg for highway.

Tuning Series: VW Golf by ADV.1 Wheels

VW Golf by ADV.1 Wheels

Let us introduce you to the VW Golf hatchback that has been tuned by ADV.1 Wheels. Never heard of ADV.1 Wheels before? The ADV.1 Wheels is an American tuning house which most of its staffs have more than 10 years of experience in modifying cars. Now, back to our discussion, why ADV.1 Wheels chose to tune up the Golf hatchback? In case you are wondering, the original vehicle is the Volkswagen Golf R32 which carries a V6 engine under its hood.

VW Golf by ADV.1 Wheels - engine

The boys at ADV.1 Wheels have tuned the engine into 3.6L instead of the original 3.2L. The tuning for the VW Golf doesn’t stop there as the hatchback got a custom HPA twin-turbo kit and other performance parts which lead to give new power output up to 650 horsepower. Curious about the other parts are?

VW Golf by ADV.1 Wheels - side view

Well, let’s start with the original DSG double clutch transmission on the VW Golf. ADV.1 Wheels replaced with  carbon clutches and custom parts to handle the massive power of the hatchback. If you are looking for unique and one of the kind custom vehicle, the VW Golf by ADV.1 Wheels is truly one of the kind.

VW Golf by ADV.1 Wheels - rear view

Other important part that caught our attention is the brake system. The VW Golf by ADV.1 Wheels  got Lamborghini brakes in order to stop the car rolling after unleashing 650 horsepower. Notice that huge tires? Those are ADV5.1 one-piece 19-inch rims in black finish, with flared wheel arches, and a custom vented hood with less visual tuning elements. ADV.1 Wheels stated that the tuned VW Gold is used as daily driving. What a lucky owner…

Custom Program for 2012 BMW 1-Series Courtesy of AC Schnitzer

2012 BMW 1-Series by AC Schnitzer

Here is new toy from AC Schnitzer – the 2012 BMW 1-Series. Yup… the German tuning house seems can’t resist the charming aura of the BMW, right? The 2012 1-Series just fresh from the production line up and sits nicely on the showrooms waiting for the new owners. And AC Schnitzer knows that there is more than the German hatchback has already carries and that is the reason why they launch the customization program.

2012 BMW 1-Series by AC Schnitzer - side view

The customization program for the 2012 BMW 1-Series by AC Schnitzer consists of new rims with their customary design in sizes of 18 or 19. Other exterior upgrades are the stickers for the side sills and the end piece of the exhaust on a stainless steel form.

2012 BMW 1-Series by AC Schnitzer - rear view

Step inside, the 2012 BMW 1-Series by AC Schnitzer applied an illuminated gear knob, aluminum pedals, aluminum pedals, handbrake handle, some aluminum trim for the iDrive controller. It’s not like we hate the overall look, but it seems like AC Schnitzer doesn’t not do its best to launch the customization program for the Bavarian hatchback. When we confronted the German tuner, they said that the aerodynamic parts for the body and suspension upgrades on the 2012 1-Series are on their way. Aren’t we glad to hear that? How about you? Share some of your thoughts on the comment box below.