The introduction of the Porsche Cayenne’s, the Hamann Guardian

Hamann, a tuner company has introduced its two new works, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG and Porsche Cayenne. This time we will discuss the second car, the Hamann Porsche Cayenne or could be called the Hamann Guardian. The most important of these is the widening body of this SUV, but it added a series of modifications on the outside and inside.

Hamann Guardian offered widening body through the package includes the front bumper and front spoiler uses carbon materials, two LED lights as dusk lights, two fog lamps and spotlights the main uses LEDs. In addition, Hamann offers side skirts, fender extensions six-part front and rear, and rear bumper for this SUV. Not to forget, Hamann rear gives more space to put the Porsche Cayenne sport-style rear muffler made ??of stainless steel large-diameter 120mm.

Meanwhile, on the legs, Hamann provides 2 versions, the first version of a set of 23 inch diameter wheels and tires combined by quality design with anodized Race. Between the front and rear tires Hamann Guardian has a different size for the front wheels measuring 11.0Jx23 and 12.0Jx23 behind. While the second version, this SUV wheels are the same as the first version, but the 40 mm larger in front and 10mm lower in rear wheel section. Seeing gets installed in the Porsche Cayenne carbon materials on several sides including the steering wheel and center console, etc., leather upholstery and so forth.

Meanwhile, for its V6 engine, Porsche Cayenne did not experience much change. It is just slightly improved performance of its V6 engine. Well, do you want to have this Haman Guardian?