F70 Ferrari Enzo


F70 Ferrari Enzo

 Photos of Ferrari F70 Enzo

If  you need to ask the price for the upcoming Ferrari Enzo F70 then you probably are in the wrong car market and should set your eyes on a simpler vehicle.  You will likely see CEO Amedeo Felisa driving one very soon as the Ferrari replacement for the Enzo "supercar" hits the highways!

Code-named F70, the Enzo successor has also been referred to as the Enzo II and Project FX150.  A total of 8 years have passed since the original Ferrari Enzo ended in production.  It will be constructed using carbon fiber and powered by a center mounted V-12 engine.  The individual body panels will use some of the most advanced composite materials available.  Lateral and Longitudinal dynamic characteristics have enhanced the F70 handling. Torque management, traction control along with brake distribution provides for this functionality.  Vehicles like the Enzo are vital to maintaining and upgrading the qualities of premium auto manufacturers.

Italian designer Flavio Manzoni is in the midst of planning a tri-curve design (one for the front fender, one ondulating bend for the roof and one final curve for the rear fender area).  For F70 high visibility he has incorporated an extensive glass area for the vehicle.  An advanced aerodynamics package is in the works which will include active flaps in the front bumper and additional flaps and new intakes in the rear section.  The front bumper will be similar to the F12 Berlinetta.

The structure in the F70 will entail a high-displacement V-12 engine tracked to a dual-clutch transmission and electric motor propelling the rear axle. A dual or secondary electric motor will provide power to auxiliary functions to create less load on the vehicle's engine.

The F70 proportions could exceed those of the current Enzo thus making it wider and longer.  The extra length will support the F70's new hybrid drivetrain(HY-KERS) which is based on the technology coming from Ferrari’s Formula 1 Racing endeavors.  The V-12 powertrain will most likely be a version of the D (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) system to add additional power.

The F70 lithium ion batteries (Samsung is the supplier) will be provided juice thru the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS).  The KERS system utilises numerous electrical lines for its functionality.  The system expects to put out approximately 120 HP.

The F70 will be made public at the Detroit Auto Show in January, 2013.  It will also appear at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in the spring.  Its Competition includes the Bugatti Veyron, Jaguar C-X75, and Porsche 918.


The Ferrari Enzo F70 is truly powerful coupe!



Additional Features and Information for the Ferrari Enzo F70



  • It possesses a carbon fiber chasis with a Formula One Style exterior.
  • The chassis will be 20-percent lighter than the Enzo's, yet stiffer.
  • The engine will be in the neighborhood of 900 – 920 horsepower.
  •  It contains a mid-mounted V-12 assisted by the energy-regenerating HY-KERS unit
  • Weight for the whole car has been suggested to come in about 2,550 lb 

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  • Ferrari is targeting a 7.3-liter version of the 6.3-liter V-12.
  • The F70 will have a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.
  • Two inverters and a smart cooling system will be included within the vehicles package.
  • Emissions may be about 38 percent lower in comparison to a non-hybrid vehicle.
  • The individual body panels will use some of the most advanced composite materials available. 


Porsche New Panamera V-PT by Vorsteiner Unites Edgy and Classic Style

Porsche Panamera V-PT by Vorsteiner

Porsche New Panamera V-PT is a prime candidate for an aftermarket program from Vorsteiner. We all know that Porsche models are like the runway models of the car tuning world, because they are not too expensive-like a Ferrari or Lamborghini – and yet still has the exclusivity and ahs enough potent to catch the attention of the tuning houses.

Porsche New Panamera V-PT by Vorsteiner aligns with the classic style associated with Porsche while transforming the Panamera to an aggressive state of mind,” promotes Vorsteiner. Now, the way we see the Porsche New Panamera V-PT by Vorsteiner, it just looks like the four –door coupe has received a makeover, but it is certainly edgy and desirable.

We found out that the Porsche New Panamera V-PT by Vorsteiner’s aerodynamic components are made using carbon fiber technology which is the finished off in a multiple layers of UV inhibiting automotive clear laquer.

Other expensive rare materials on the Porsche New Panamera V-PT by Vorsteiner such as Titanium Forged Aluminum to carry on the uncompromising quality and performance.

Porsche New Panamera V-PT by Vorsteiner’s front bumper cover incorporates a splitter which has a removable carbon fiber insert. If there is even an instance in which the splitter is damage or broken, the insert can be removed and replaced. Now that wills absolutely saving the owner time and money.

If you notice on the photo, the Porsche New Panamera V-PT by Vorsteiner also comes with the usual side skirts, ducktail rear spoiler and rear bumper.

Porsche Panamera V-PT by Vorsteiner Rear Look

It is the same with other tuning house product, the Porsche New Panamera V-PT by Vorsteiner get an exhaust system which constructed from a choice of stainless steel or titanium; the latter boasts a weight savings of up to 40 % over the stock exhaust system

Porsche New Panamera V-PT by Vorsteiner is focused on the noise which will make people stop and stare. The unique growl and roaring are sure to strike a chord with any Porsche connoisseur. Unfortunately, either Porsche or Vorsteiner have not yet revealed the price tag for the Porsche New Panamera V-PT by Vorsteiner. But to won this one of the kind work of art, money is not a problem.