2011 Frankfurt Auto Show Report: Audi Urban Concept

Audi Urban Concept

The Audi Urban Concept electric vehicle is no longer in sketches and not in video teaser anymore. The German automaker has made the official presentation on the Audi Urban Concept electric vehicle at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. The idea behind the creation of the Audi Urban Concept as electric vehicle is an ultra-light car intended for congested urban spaces.

Audi Urban Concept - interior

Inside, the cockpit of the Audi Urban Concept electric vehicle is made from carbon fiber-reinforced polymer which integrates the undercarriage of both seats. That is why the Audi Urban Concept refers to be “ultra-light” and we suspect, there is more use of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer on the many parts of this vehicle.

Audi Urban Concept - side view

The Audi Urban Concept sits on the 21-inch wheels which are free standing and they have surrounding protective arches that features blinking strips of LED light. Back inside, the Audi Urban Concept electric vehicle is able to load two people where their position is slightly staggered and at a sporty, low level. All controls and materials on the Audi Urban Concept are intended to dictates of ultra-lightweight construction in order to assure they give a completely unique, sensory allure.

Audi Urban Concept - top view

Here is what Audi thinks about their Audi Urban Concept, “The highly concentrated look of the technical study, with its forward-urging lines, is dynamic and emotional – it lends Audi’s design language a completely new impetus. The Audi urban concept is not based on any previous model – its development is solely oriented on the strict principles of lightweight construction, efficiency and reduction. The result is a concept car with no unnecessary weight, and one that concentrates on the pure essence of sporty motion.”

Audi Urban Concept - rear view

On the performance side, the Audi Urban Concept electric vehicle carries tow e-tron electric motors provided the propulsion which gives the vehicle the ability to accelerate its full power. A lithium-ion battery supplies the energy which makes the Audi Urban Concept electric vehicle ideal for city tours or commuting ride.

BMW i3 Concept Finally Revealed

BMW i3 Concept

Yes, the BMW i3 is finally here. Well, sort of like that, because after months of teasing and rumors, the German auto manufacturer has undress the new addition for the i family, the BMW i3 electric vehicle concept. The i3 is the specifically developed for use in an urban environment, and which will be launched in production form sometime in 2013.

With its zero-emission electric drive and a range of approximately 150 kilometres, the BMW i3 electric concept vehicle boasts a 125 kW electric motor and rear-wheel drive.

BMW i3 Concept - side view

Other highlights of the BMW i3 electric vehicle concept include the innovative LifeDrive architecture featuring a carbon passenger cell, which enables the BMW i3 Concept to reach a weight of 1,250 kg with optimal interior space and the highest crash safety levels.

With four seats and a 200-litre luggage compartment, the BMW i3 electric vehicle concept does the 0 to 100 km/h sprint in less than eight seconds, while a high-speed charger achieves an 80% battery charge in just an hour.

BMW i3 Concept - rear view

BMW i3 electric vehicle concept will mark the launch of the first volume-produced car featuring bodywork largely made of carbon. It’s a revolution in automotive design,” explained Klaus Draeger, Member of the Board responsible for Development.

In addition, life cycle emission figures for the BMW i3 electric vehicle concept are reportedly at least a third lower than for a highly efficient combustion-engine car. If the BMW i3 is run on electricity from renewable sources, the figures improve by well over 50%.

BMW i3 Concept - interior

Both concepts are set to make their public debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show this September. The production versions of the BMW i3 electric vehicle concept and the BMW i8 will be built at BMW’s Leipzig plant in Germany, a move which will require an investment of approximately million euros by 2013, and create some 800 new jobs.


Rumors: Is It True that Audi A2 Will Turn into Electric?

Audi A2

Audi A2 four-door hatchback has been missing for quit sometimes. It is no longer a secret that Audi is planning an invasion of electric vehicles in the not-so-distant future. And invasion which will be carried out under the e-tron banner. So, what is Audi next project on the e-tron version? It is none other than the Audi A2 four-door hatchback.

In short time that the e-tron idea has been among us, Audi has presented more than a handful of electric variants of both concepts and existing models. Whereas 2010 was the year for the Audi A1 e-tron, apparently, Audi now decided to give the model which will revive the Audi A2 four-door hatchback line-up with an electric version as well.

According to local newspaper, Audi plans to bring the invented Audi A2 four-door hatchback as an e-tron at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show later in the year. The single novelty is all this is the venue Audi chose for the unveiling, as word about the e-tron Audi A2 four-door hatchback has been around for more than a year now.

Unlike what some sources on the internet are saying, it is unlikely that the Audi A2 four-door hatchback will turn into an electric vehicle only model.

Audi A2 four-door hatchback next generation, will the first in a long time because the model was discontinued in 2005 as a result in of very poor sales, but the greed with which mother group Volkswagen is pursuing Toyota for the number one position calls for some risky moves.  The Chief of the R&D Department – Michael Dick stated, “Recognisable as an Audi A2 four-door hatchback, but very different from the old car. We will not make the same mistake as with the first Audi A2 four-door hatchback and do it all by ourselves.”

2010 Audi e-Tron

The Concept Design of 2010 Audi e-Tron

2010 Audi e-Tron

Audi showed the Spider Version of the Audi R8 V10 version at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show. The two cars were not the only cars showed by Audi, Audi also reveal the concept design of the 2010 Audi e-Tron which is powered by a purely electric drive system made up of four motors with the two motors at the front and two motors at the rear axle.

The total output of the 2010 Audi e-Tron is 313 horsepower and torque reaches up to 3,319.03 lb-ft which means the car able to sprint from 0 to 60 in just 4.8 seconds. Not bad for electric sport car. So, whoever thinks that electric vehicle can’t be fun must really get a slap on their head.

Audi stated that the 2010 e-Tron is based on the Audi R8 super car. But the difference is that the e-Tron concept emphasizes an unique and distinctive design, such as a trapezoidal single-frame grille, to large air intakes, special headlamps that adjust the light depending on weather circumstances and a stunning 19-inches wheel and tire combination.

Can you imagine how heavy the 2010 Audi e-Tron is? It weighs only 3,527.40 lb-ft by which the 58% of the weight is pressing down the rear axle. This Audi R8-based electric vehicle reaches top speed at 124,27mph due to the amount of energy supplied by the electric motors which increases disproportionally to speed.

The range in NECD combined cycle is approximately 154 miles. Now, how come an electric vehicle able to provide those reasonably numbers? It is because the technology of the concept design of 2010 Audi e-Tron is specially configured for the electric drive system combined with sophisticated battery technology.

The battery block has a total energy content of 53kWh with the usable portion thereof restricted to 42.4 kWh in the interest of service life. To cool down the equipments from overheating, the 2010 Audi e-Tron uses liquid cooling for the batteries.

The concept design of 2010Audi e-Tron is expected to reduce the dependence of transportation and economy on the raw material petroleum, produce no direct exhaust emissions, and give more efficient combustion engine.

Daimler AG in cooperation with Bosch Group to develop the Mercedes-Benz EV

Daimler AG plans to collaborate with Robert Bosch GmbH (Bosch Group) to create a revolutionary electric motor for Mercedes-Benz EV. According to the plan, the production will begin in 2012, and the electric motor will be used in Mercedes-Benz and Smart electric cars of 2012. This cooperation is also to precede the BMW which is about to produce electric vehicle in 2013.

Indeed there have been no further details about this project. However, we expect a car that will use the electric motor is a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell or A-Class E-Cell. This cooperation is the commitment of both parties to maintain the relationships that had long been intertwined. In addition, this cooperation is expected to expand electric vehicle invasion in Europe.

Hopes soar with this partnership; the development of electric vehicle can run faster. Joint activity is planned to be done in two places, Stuttgart and Hildesheim.

Daimler AG and Bosch Group are two companies that are well known in the automotive business. Bosch Group is famous as a supplier of technology and services for automotive manufacturers. While Daimler AG has had more than 20 years experience in developing electric vehicle. We all would not wait for Mercedes-Benz EV sliding on the streets of our cities and become our favorite rides.