Is it BMW MCV will be ready for 2013?

German car maker, BMW, reportedly plans to make hybrid-engine cars in 2013. The car will be named BMW MCV; this electric car will be sold with a sub-brand of BMW Group.

The model is scheduled to be introduced on next 2 years is equipped with a new development paradigm for BMW in making a car. For example, carbon fiber cells are coupled to the chassis passenger aluminum. BMW MCV chassis is made ??of cast aluminum with a longer wheelbase.

At the front end chassis of this electric car also serves as a place to prop up the front suspension and steering. Then on the back cast aluminum box used as a place of electric motor and single-speed transmission that will drive the rear wheels BMW MCV.

BMW also plans to provide various versions of MCV with 1.0 liter engine V2. This car battery will be put under the cabin floor. It aims to help distribute weight while maintaining center of gravity is more secure.

BMW MCV does not use B pillar like cars in general, but will be replaced with rear-hinged doors. This makes the electric cars it look more elegant. So, are you ready when BMW MCV arrives?

BMW 5 Series Electric will Enter China

BMW Electric Car

BMW is interested in China automotive market. This Germany car producer cooperate a local partner, Brilliance China Automotive Holding Ltd for their electric car project and it’s targeted to be launched in 2013, while the concept debut will be showed in 2011 Beijing Auto Show.

China Youth Daily published that the basic of this BMW Megacity electric (they named it ECHO) was BMW 5 series, but they didn’t explain about this car’s technology.

BMW and Tongji University are developing this ECHO, but later, this electric car will be developed at BMW facility in Shanyang, China, which uses China technology resource.

The agreement between BMW and BCAH includes 50:50 joint venture, building BMW 3  Series and BMW Series 5. BMW will sell 169,000 units in 2012, including MINI for China market.