R20 Audi 2017 Supercar

cr a29f043a3690c26b73855140def7832f 2017 Audi Supercar R20R20 Supercar! – Audi is looking for something new to reinvigorate its brand and may have just found its hybrid R20!


The R20 appears to be a legal street model variant to the German Automaker's LeMans Race Car (R18).  The premier feature of the R20 is its door design which seems to mirror the Mercedes SLS AMG with a pronounced wing like style.  The newest model designated the R20 will arrive with a full featured tail fin with its design extracted off an R18 LeMans race car.  It will encompass a single frame grille, LED headlights, ventilated front and rear wings and rear tail spoiler (adjustable and functioning as an airbrake). 


The interior is comprehensive including a functional black panel center display along with active contour seats and a boat load of other interior features.  The R20 will be above the current R8(The R8 E-Tron was dropped by Audi) which will top out its model lineup.  Experts suggest that the vehicle will surpass the McLaren P1 and will assume the role of a road worthy version of Audi's Le Mans winning LMP1 vehicle.


Audi's R20 will likely include a hybrid diesel electric powertrain.  A Twin Turbo V6 TDI engine and two 75 horsepower electric motors/generators will generate the power.  Each electric motor will drive the front wheels independently.  The V6 engine combined with the independent front wheel technology will boast a total output of a lofty 700 HP (515 KW). Torque Vectoring and Advanced  Aerodynamics Technologies provides the R20 impetus and additional down force to achieve a 150 -200 mph range.  Additional features include brake energy recuperation and high speed coasting.


The R20 could make its debut in Pebble Beach Beach at the Concours d'Elegance in 2015 prior to its start of production(SOP) the following year (2016).  It's anticipated that only 100 – 250 of the R20 will be produced.


Is Audi trying to steal the show from Porsche before it releases its 918 plug-in hybrid supercar? One never knows but if you like style, have a load of cash and don't mind about fuel economies then the R20 could be for you!



R20 Audi Supercar Features:


Canopy styled cockpit


Four Point / Built in Racing Harnesses


Active Contour Seats


Surround View System – Cameras (Car Exterior/Numerous)


Single windshield wiper


E-Quattro All Wheel Drive


Limited Version – Electric Only

Torque Vectoring (1000 Newton Meters)

Traction = Excellent

Zero Emissions Option

On Demand Boost Effect



R20 Audi 2017 Supercar



Rumors: Is It True that Audi A2 Will Turn into Electric?

Audi A2

Audi A2 four-door hatchback has been missing for quit sometimes. It is no longer a secret that Audi is planning an invasion of electric vehicles in the not-so-distant future. And invasion which will be carried out under the e-tron banner. So, what is Audi next project on the e-tron version? It is none other than the Audi A2 four-door hatchback.

In short time that the e-tron idea has been among us, Audi has presented more than a handful of electric variants of both concepts and existing models. Whereas 2010 was the year for the Audi A1 e-tron, apparently, Audi now decided to give the model which will revive the Audi A2 four-door hatchback line-up with an electric version as well.

According to local newspaper, Audi plans to bring the invented Audi A2 four-door hatchback as an e-tron at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show later in the year. The single novelty is all this is the venue Audi chose for the unveiling, as word about the e-tron Audi A2 four-door hatchback has been around for more than a year now.

Unlike what some sources on the internet are saying, it is unlikely that the Audi A2 four-door hatchback will turn into an electric vehicle only model.

Audi A2 four-door hatchback next generation, will the first in a long time because the model was discontinued in 2005 as a result in of very poor sales, but the greed with which mother group Volkswagen is pursuing Toyota for the number one position calls for some risky moves.  The Chief of the R&D Department – Michael Dick stated, “Recognisable as an Audi A2 four-door hatchback, but very different from the old car. We will not make the same mistake as with the first Audi A2 four-door hatchback and do it all by ourselves.”