2014 Porsche Cayman – Lightning Fast!

cr 47007bd1402e486638658db00b6ac52f Porsche Caymen 2014The Porsche Cayman is lightning fast and a thrill to ride being so close to the road.  It's sleek hood design and some really cool and comfortable sport seats show off the Cayman's inherent qualities.  The 2014 Porsche Cayman is truly special and provides the motor enthusiast with something fantastic to drive and experience as well as for onlookers to admire.

At the recent Los Angeles Auto Show, the 2014 Porsche Cayman was revealed which is lighter, speedier, more efficient and more powerful than its predecessor.  At $63K the S variant has appoximately 325 horsepower with a 3.4 liter motor that can achieve 60mph in 4.4 seconds.  The base model starts at $52K and includes a 2.7 liter(6 cylinder engine) 275 horsepower engine.  For either model the manual or PDK transmissons are available.

The Porsche Cayman Turbo model is geared by a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder (turbo boxer engine) which is capable of achieving approximately 348-hp and 368 foot pounds of torque. By adjoining to the PDK 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, a 0 to 62 mph sprint for the Porsche Cayman Turbo is possible in about 4.9 seconds.

The 2014 Porsche Cayman power is derived from a 2.7 liter engine comprehending 275 horsepower and allowing for a 0 to 60 mph time of 5.13 seconds (Sport Chrono Package). The 2014 Porsche Cayman S is powered by a 325 horsepower (3.4 liter engine) providing for a 0 to 60 mph time of 4.41 seconds achieved via the Sport Chrono package. The 2.5-liter turbocharged 4 cylinder version of the Cayman should be even faster than the S variant out now.  Prices start at $52,650 = Porsche Cayman and Cayman S = $63,750.

Resale pricing on Porsche cars remains among the best in the industry so making any purchase is a non-risk event for the auto consumer.

The new Porsche Cayman Turbo will make its debut at the 2013 Frankfurt, Germany Motor Show.

2013 BMW 4-Series Cabriolet

2013 BMW 4-Series Cabriolet prototype

Heads up as the Bavarian is catching up with the target as they deployed their prototype for test drive. We have brought you the 2013 4-Series Coupe and the almost-finished and facelifted 2013 7-Series. It is time to meet the heavily camouflaged 2013 BMW 4-Series Cabriolet which spotted took test drive on the winter and between snowy road. So, do you notice any striking changes what so ever on the sedan? Yup… the 2013 4-Series Cabriolet is bigger than the existing model which it will replace and the folding metal roof design is still there.

2013 BMW 4-Series Cabriolet prototype side view

Just so you know, the Bavarian carmaker is keeping its models complete as they developing the sedan, cabrio, coupe, GT, and wagon out of the 3-Series. Rumor has it that the four-door coupe is under consideration. Well, we are interesting to discuss on what BMW has to offer us from the 2013 BMW 4-Series Cabriolet. The body shapes are not that changing although we kind of bewildered with the size of the headlights. Perhaps its because the camouflage sheet which make us think that it is too little for the sedan of this big.

2013 BMW 4-Series Cabriolet prototype rera view

In term of engine, no official info yet, but autoevolution.com predicted that the 2013 4-Series Cabriolet sedan will be borrowed from the 3-Series range. It means that the engine choices are four- and six-cylinder with the top of the range is 3.0L, although the 2.0L is currently one of the favorite engine options for the customers.

Official Pricing and Features for Bentley Continental GT

2013 Bentley Continental GT V8

The official photos and details for Bentley Continental GT V8 had been released and what we are missing is the price tag. Although the price tag might be far from the term affordable for us, but still, it’s our job to share this news with you. We have to thank you autoevolution.com for the photos of official pricings and complete features both for the Continental GT V8 and GTC. So, are you ready for the ride of a lifetime?

Bentley Continental GT V8 Optionals and Pricing

For the Bentley Continental GT that powered with W12 in coupe, the British luxury carmaker offers basic price of €183,974 with included VAT. If you choose the GT V8, you have to pay for €161,840. In mathematical calculation, the V8 and coupe models have lowered the price down up to €22,134. Okay, as soon as you are done catching your breath, we will take a look on what extras do Bentley has to offer to their luxury saloon customers.

Bentley Continental GT V8 Features

For starters, the ceramic brakes for Bentley Continental GT cost €12,138 while the “economic” paint calipers in red are €1,243. Adding sizes on your Continental GT luxury saloon wheels (21-inch) will cost you €2,034 and €4,867. Need exclusive entertainment inside your 2013 model year of GT and GTC? Bentley offers the Premium Audio for €6,390; other options such as Adaptive Cruise Control for €2,582 that also equips with Park Heater and Remote Control. We can go on but we afraid it will give us nightmare so you better check out the two images that we attach on this post. Let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts on the comment box below.

Tuning Series: Green Chromed BMW 550i

Green Chrome BMW 550i by Re-Styling

Two tuning series in one day, what do you think if that, eh? After the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG White Edition, now we bring you the green chromed BMW 550i courtesy of Re-Styling tuning specialist. Never heard of Re-Styling? Well, understandable as the tuning specialist is not from German, but from Russia which is kind of surprise as we never thought they are able to pull this off.

If you still see the basic styling, the basic platform is brand new 550i saloon and it is just not ordinary 5-Series, but its M Sport version. Now, don’t confuse the 5-Series M with M5 because they are totally different models. So, at the headquarter in Saint-Petersburg, the green chromed BMW 550i granted with Hamann body kit with a bit of AC Snitzer as well.

Green Chrome BMW 550i by Re-Styling

Once the bodykit mounted to the body of BMW 550i saloon, Re-Styling covered the chrome wrap around it then to add more dramatic colorization, the Russian tuning specialist puts a translucent green wrap for fresh finish and a bit of shiny look. Well, it seems like the cosmetic area is the only main target for Re-Styling as according to autoevolution.com, the engine and performance stays the same. Never thought that green would be the perfect color for 550i saloon, right?

Bugatti Veyron Diamond – The Most Expensive Toy Car

Bugatti Veyron Diamond

We have seen the best of supercars and one of them is in the form of gold Lamborghini Aventador in scale model. Now, look what we have found, scale model of Bugatti Veyron that covered in gold. Judging by the photos, we can’t fool you twice as what you see is the scale model toy of this supercar. But still, as if the Veyron is not expensive enough, this scale model successfully becomes the most expensive toy in the world.

If buying real life Bugatti Veyron emphasizes your social status, then what the gold scale model Veyron has to change on you? Well, the gold scale model of Veyron supercar wills definitely a game changer for you among your friends. We pretty much know that when it comes to luxury items, there is no such thing as enough; craving some more would be the perfect term.

Bugatti Veyron Diamond interior

The gold scale model of Bugatti Veyron is made by Stuart Hughes and Robert Gulpen with 1:18 measurement. Yes, Gulpen is the same person that created the gold Aventador. This is where passion meets art and the result is irresistibly expensive toy car. The construction of the shiny Veyron made from pure 7kg of 24k gold and platinum.

To finish the luxury look of the scale model of Bugatti Veyron, the aforementioned maker put 7.2 carats single cut Flawless Diamond. It’s like cherry on top of the cake. What amaze us is the creator really pays attention to the details such as the steering column, detailed engined parts, and operational hoods. According to autoevolution.com, the price tag for this gold scale model of Veyron supercar is $2.9 million. Well, we hate to say it, but… We pretty much understand that the piece of art costs fortune.