Promotional Video for BMW i Concepts

BMW i3 Concept

The automotive enthusiasts and journalists can’t wait to see the BMW i concepts in flesh. So, BWM decided to launch a promotional video of their BMW i concepts: the BMW i3 and BMW i8. The intention of this promotional video is to gain public opinion on the future look of their BMW i concepts.

The soundtrack on the video promotional of the BMW i concepts which features BMW i3 and BMW i8 is composed by Hollywood composer – Abel Korzeniowski. A bit about Korszeniowski; he lives in Los Angeles and well-known for his music in Tom Ford’s directing debut “A Single Man” which earned Abel Korzeniowski a Golden Globe nomination.

As you watched the video promotional of the BMW i concepts, you could hear the “Swimming” from Abel Korzeniowski. The Golden Globe nomination is now working on the score for Maddone’s new movie “W.E.” which scheduled to premiere at the Venice Biennale in September. The reason why BMW selected the works from Abel Korzeniowski is because the musician’s compositions have their own unique style where he creates a sophisticated blend of classical orchestral elements with electronic sounds and modern ambient music. That is what BMW i concepts is all about.

BMW i8 Concept

The BMW i concepts carry their own unique style and emphasize the sophisticated mixture of technology and performance. The exclusive BMW i concepts composition track for the video promotional was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London and directed by Christoph Deja.

According to Abel Korzeniowski, the BMW i concepts really inspired him. Not just a car, but the BMW i concepts are a new concept for living. It is show us how we use our resources and use them. Looking at BMW i concepts, makes you feel that the BMW i concepts is a human technology that can help you balance your life.

Undress the BMW i8 Concept

BMW i8 Concept

We are thrilled when we found out that BMW released the photos of BMW i8 coupe concept. In case you don’t know, this particular car will be acting as Tom Cruise – or should we refer as Ethan Hawke – fancy transportation on the upcoming Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. So, when this futuristic coupe concept joins the production line-up? BMW stated that the BMW i8 coupe concept due for launch in production form in 2013 and 2014. With BMW i8, the BMW Group aims to provide answers to the mobility challenges of the future, which includes both purpose-built premium vehicles with electric drive as well as intelligent mobility services.

BMW i8 Concept - side view

“We are marking another milestone in the history of the BMW Group. As Chairman of the Board and an engineer myself, I am very proud of this project,”declared Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, at Friday’s premiere of the two vehicles in Frankfurt which we predict one of the vehicles should be BMW i8 coupe concep . “As the world’s leading premium car manufacturer, our aim is to offer customers purpose-built electric-drive cars as well,” he added.

BMW i8 Concept - rear view

The BMW i8 coupe concept goes from 0 to 100 km/h in less than five seconds and boasts fuel consumption of under three litres per 100 km. Its plug-in hybrid drive with a system output of 260 kW allows a range of up to 35 kilometres in electric mode – sufficient for most everyday journeys.

For more dynamic driving or out-of-town routes, a high-performance three-cylinder petrol engine also comes into play. The BMW i8 coupe concept has an electronically governed top speed of 250 km/h and space for up to four occupants.

BMW i8 Concept - front view

BMW i8 coupe concept is the sports car for a new generation – pure, emotional and sustainable,” explained Klaus Draeger, Member of the Board responsible for Development.

Both concepts are set to make their public debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show this September. The production versions of the BMW i3 and the BMW i8 coupe concept will be built at BMW’s Leipzig plant in Germany, a move which will require an investment of approximately million euros by 2013, and create some 800 new jobs.


BMW i8 Appeared at MI-4 Movie

BMW i8 at MI-4 Film Shooting

BMW i8 coupe gets additional marketing strategy by putting it on Tom Cruise’s latest movie – Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol which will be available in the cinemas in December. We’re going to talk a little bit about the Hollywood picture, but what really interests us is BMW’s involvement on the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol by using the BMW i8 coupe .

We found out today that Bruce Wayne will be driving a Lamborghini Aventador in the next Batman, but Ethan Hunt seems to have gone to the future for his choice of wheels by driving the BMW i8 coupe. A new trailer was launched yesterday, and the BMW i8 coupe makes its cinematic debut, alongside the new 6-Series Cabrio and a star cast of actors.

It’s hard to say whether we should call it the BMW i8 coupe or the VED Concept, as what’s under the bonnet is still unknown, but the trailer links nicely with the spyshots we got from our contributor back in April.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was filming in India at the time, with a rolling example of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept or the BMW i8 coupe on hand. A traffic jam was simulated using second-hand cars from Mahindra First Choice Wheels.

“There were approximately 50-60 bouncers all over the venue to ensure that photographs weren’t taken with nearly 10 of them guarding the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics or the BMW i8 coupe. I tried to take a close up shot of the 5 series camera car, but a bouncer snatched my camera away with a stern warning that next time, my camera will be impounded. After the shoot started, we positioned ourselves on the foot-over bridge from where we could get clear shots and avoid the bouncers as well. I have pics of both the cars, except the 5 series camera car,” our contributor reported at the time.

BMW i8 coupe’s presence of the new 6-Series in the trailer indicated that BMW has indeed chosen Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol to highlight its new products.


Commercial Video of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics hybrid concept car made its first debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show prepared by BMW as a precursor of the future top-of-the line the BMW i8 model received this month its own dedicated commercial video.

The commercial video tells the world a little something about what the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics hybrid concept car is expected to become for an automaker which has dedicated an entire division to create premium hybrid and electric cars.

Same with the i8 which already confirmed for production, the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics hybrid concept car is likely to be powered by a diesel-hybrid powertrain which gives a combined out =put of 328 horsepower. The acceleration of the concept hybrid car is expected to be at about 4.8 seconds, while the fuel consumption, the main reason it was built, stands about 3.76L/100km (75.1 mpg).

The powertrain of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics hybrid concept car as showcased at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, pairs a 1.5-liter three-cylinder TDI engine (163 horsepower) to two electric motors, one producing 33 horsepower and second 80 horsepower.

A temporary boost at the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics hybrid concept car feature allows the unit to produce, for 30 seconds, 112 horsepower. The model which is planned to launch in the next few years, is expected to become one of the most expensive BMWs on the market, with a staggering price tag estimated at $200,000.

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics hybrid concept car is not the only homework for BMW, but also the development and production of the BMW i8 which will be handled by new I division of BMW, the bigger, more organized version of what was until recently the “i” Project. Set up in February this year, the company is expected to span its first product besides the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics hybrid concept car which we predict it will be called the BMW i3 within the next two years.