2011 Frankfurt Auto Show Report: Live Photos of BMW i3

BMW i3 Concept - official photo

The BMW i3 hatchback concept is intended for compact and futuristic city car. The first introductory was took place coupe of month ago, but the living proof of BMW i3 was at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. As you can see on the photos, the design of BMW i3 is definitely an epic and really gives the futuristic aura. If only the movie back to future has its sequel or trilogy, we pretty sure the producer wants to use the BMW i3 hatchback to be the futuristic car.

BMW i3 Concept - official photo - side view

Looking at the rear end of the BMW i3, the hatchback has taillights which mounted to the all-transparent bodywork and the brown single piece seat really complete the look. If we may predict, the BMW i3 will be the roomiest and most practical hatchback on the market as it will enter production phase in 2013. To compete with other hatchback cars, the price tag for the BMW i3 has not officially announced, but the Bavarian automaker hinted that it will be sold under €40,000.

BMW i3 Concept - official photo - rear view

You probably aware or still fresh on your memory that the BMW i3 has sibling – the BMW i8 which selected to be featured vehicle on the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The BMW i3 hatchback is pure electric vehicle with – obviously – has zero emissions and a range of 150 km. Hmmm… pure electric, eh? It sounds like the BMW i3 wants some pieces of share market on the electric vehicle in Europe. As for as we know, the popular electric vehicles in Europe are involving Toyota Prius, Nissan LEAF, and Mitsubishi i-MiEV. From those three, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV has been one of the most popular electric vehicles in Europe, especially in UK where some of the regions use the EV as government operational vehicles. The BMW i3 hatchback is powered by a 125 kW electric motor and rear-wheel drive.

Price Setting for BMW i3

BMW i3 concept

The BMW i3 four-door concept is the main ticket for the Bavarian carmaker to show that they are not about fast cars and petrol burners engine. Both BMW i3 and BMW i8 will be appearing at 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show which we pretty sure they set another bar for free-hugging philosophy. You might not notice but since the rumors and leaked images about the BMW i3 four-door concept circling around internet, the public’s interest is pretty high and with the Auto Show at Frankfurt is approaching, people demand more details.

As you already know that not much of details about the BMW i3 four-door concept, but the Bavarian car manufacturer is kind enough to share us the price tag. Yes folks… The price tag for the BMW i3 four-door concept has unofficially announced. Good news for you because if you want to own the BMW i3 four-door concept, you need to prepare your financial support, right?

The BMW i3 four-door concept urban vehicle that will use the electric propulsion will be offering in a price which is cheaper than the BMW 5-Series. Want to know how can get that such important info? The information is exclusively shared by BMW CEO – Norbert Reithofer who assured one of German newspapers that the upcoming BMW i3 four-door concept will be more affordable than the company’s medium saloon.

So, how much does the BMW i3 four-door concept cost? To be exact, the BMW i3 four-door concept costs less than €40,000. The Bavarian automaker also set the release schedule for the European market in 2013.

With that amount of price, the BMW i3 four-door concept will be less expensive than Opel’s Ampera. For your information, Opel Ampera is powered by a plug-in hybrid setup as the latter retails for around €43,000 in Germany.

You think that the BMW i3 four-door concept is too expensive? What can’t we say, you know just like we do that the things with eco cars has not reached the “cheap” or at least “affordable” price. To console you, paying an amount of money to own the BMW i3 four-door concept will award you with multiple carbon fiber components.

Promotional Video for BMW i Concepts

BMW i3 Concept

The automotive enthusiasts and journalists can’t wait to see the BMW i concepts in flesh. So, BWM decided to launch a promotional video of their BMW i concepts: the BMW i3 and BMW i8. The intention of this promotional video is to gain public opinion on the future look of their BMW i concepts.

The soundtrack on the video promotional of the BMW i concepts which features BMW i3 and BMW i8 is composed by Hollywood composer – Abel Korzeniowski. A bit about Korszeniowski; he lives in Los Angeles and well-known for his music in Tom Ford’s directing debut “A Single Man” which earned Abel Korzeniowski a Golden Globe nomination.

As you watched the video promotional of the BMW i concepts, you could hear the “Swimming” from Abel Korzeniowski. The Golden Globe nomination is now working on the score for Maddone’s new movie “W.E.” which scheduled to premiere at the Venice Biennale in September. The reason why BMW selected the works from Abel Korzeniowski is because the musician’s compositions have their own unique style where he creates a sophisticated blend of classical orchestral elements with electronic sounds and modern ambient music. That is what BMW i concepts is all about.

BMW i8 Concept

The BMW i concepts carry their own unique style and emphasize the sophisticated mixture of technology and performance. The exclusive BMW i concepts composition track for the video promotional was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London and directed by Christoph Deja.

According to Abel Korzeniowski, the BMW i concepts really inspired him. Not just a car, but the BMW i concepts are a new concept for living. It is show us how we use our resources and use them. Looking at BMW i concepts, makes you feel that the BMW i concepts is a human technology that can help you balance your life.

BMW i3 Concept Finally Revealed

BMW i3 Concept

Yes, the BMW i3 is finally here. Well, sort of like that, because after months of teasing and rumors, the German auto manufacturer has undress the new addition for the i family, the BMW i3 electric vehicle concept. The i3 is the specifically developed for use in an urban environment, and which will be launched in production form sometime in 2013.

With its zero-emission electric drive and a range of approximately 150 kilometres, the BMW i3 electric concept vehicle boasts a 125 kW electric motor and rear-wheel drive.

BMW i3 Concept - side view

Other highlights of the BMW i3 electric vehicle concept include the innovative LifeDrive architecture featuring a carbon passenger cell, which enables the BMW i3 Concept to reach a weight of 1,250 kg with optimal interior space and the highest crash safety levels.

With four seats and a 200-litre luggage compartment, the BMW i3 electric vehicle concept does the 0 to 100 km/h sprint in less than eight seconds, while a high-speed charger achieves an 80% battery charge in just an hour.

BMW i3 Concept - rear view

BMW i3 electric vehicle concept will mark the launch of the first volume-produced car featuring bodywork largely made of carbon. It’s a revolution in automotive design,” explained Klaus Draeger, Member of the Board responsible for Development.

In addition, life cycle emission figures for the BMW i3 electric vehicle concept are reportedly at least a third lower than for a highly efficient combustion-engine car. If the BMW i3 is run on electricity from renewable sources, the figures improve by well over 50%.

BMW i3 Concept - interior

Both concepts are set to make their public debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show this September. The production versions of the BMW i3 electric vehicle concept and the BMW i8 will be built at BMW’s Leipzig plant in Germany, a move which will require an investment of approximately million euros by 2013, and create some 800 new jobs.


Commercial Video of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics hybrid concept car made its first debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show prepared by BMW as a precursor of the future top-of-the line the BMW i8 model received this month its own dedicated commercial video.

The commercial video tells the world a little something about what the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics hybrid concept car is expected to become for an automaker which has dedicated an entire division to create premium hybrid and electric cars.

Same with the i8 which already confirmed for production, the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics hybrid concept car is likely to be powered by a diesel-hybrid powertrain which gives a combined out =put of 328 horsepower. The acceleration of the concept hybrid car is expected to be at about 4.8 seconds, while the fuel consumption, the main reason it was built, stands about 3.76L/100km (75.1 mpg).

The powertrain of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics hybrid concept car as showcased at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, pairs a 1.5-liter three-cylinder TDI engine (163 horsepower) to two electric motors, one producing 33 horsepower and second 80 horsepower.

A temporary boost at the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics hybrid concept car feature allows the unit to produce, for 30 seconds, 112 horsepower. The model which is planned to launch in the next few years, is expected to become one of the most expensive BMWs on the market, with a staggering price tag estimated at $200,000.

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics hybrid concept car is not the only homework for BMW, but also the development and production of the BMW i8 which will be handled by new I division of BMW, the bigger, more organized version of what was until recently the “i” Project. Set up in February this year, the company is expected to span its first product besides the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics hybrid concept car which we predict it will be called the BMW i3 within the next two years.