R20 Audi 2017 Supercar

cr a29f043a3690c26b73855140def7832f 2017 Audi Supercar R20R20 Supercar! – Audi is looking for something new to reinvigorate its brand and may have just found its hybrid R20!


The R20 appears to be a legal street model variant to the German Automaker's LeMans Race Car (R18).  The premier feature of the R20 is its door design which seems to mirror the Mercedes SLS AMG with a pronounced wing like style.  The newest model designated the R20 will arrive with a full featured tail fin with its design extracted off an R18 LeMans race car.  It will encompass a single frame grille, LED headlights, ventilated front and rear wings and rear tail spoiler (adjustable and functioning as an airbrake). 


The interior is comprehensive including a functional black panel center display along with active contour seats and a boat load of other interior features.  The R20 will be above the current R8(The R8 E-Tron was dropped by Audi) which will top out its model lineup.  Experts suggest that the vehicle will surpass the McLaren P1 and will assume the role of a road worthy version of Audi's Le Mans winning LMP1 vehicle.


Audi's R20 will likely include a hybrid diesel electric powertrain.  A Twin Turbo V6 TDI engine and two 75 horsepower electric motors/generators will generate the power.  Each electric motor will drive the front wheels independently.  The V6 engine combined with the independent front wheel technology will boast a total output of a lofty 700 HP (515 KW). Torque Vectoring and Advanced  Aerodynamics Technologies provides the R20 impetus and additional down force to achieve a 150 -200 mph range.  Additional features include brake energy recuperation and high speed coasting.


The R20 could make its debut in Pebble Beach Beach at the Concours d'Elegance in 2015 prior to its start of production(SOP) the following year (2016).  It's anticipated that only 100 – 250 of the R20 will be produced.


Is Audi trying to steal the show from Porsche before it releases its 918 plug-in hybrid supercar? One never knows but if you like style, have a load of cash and don't mind about fuel economies then the R20 could be for you!



R20 Audi Supercar Features:


Canopy styled cockpit


Four Point / Built in Racing Harnesses


Active Contour Seats


Surround View System – Cameras (Car Exterior/Numerous)


Single windshield wiper


E-Quattro All Wheel Drive


Limited Version – Electric Only

Torque Vectoring (1000 Newton Meters)

Traction = Excellent

Zero Emissions Option

On Demand Boost Effect



R20 Audi 2017 Supercar



Audi – 2014 R8



Audi has done it again for 2014 with its styling team in coming up with a new direction as the R8 continues to sizzle.


R8 Audi 2014The Audi R8 exterior aesthetics have been improved for 2014 by stylists reworking the front shield and the rear bumper designs. The rear section remains very similar while the slightly redesigned front grille takes notice. The rims were also reinvigorated along with the side vents.  Exterior changes to the headlights and tailights are quickly more noticeable due to the inclusion of additional LEDs being intertwined for a more imposing appearance.  A "dynamic turn signal" function that runs an illuminated bar of 30+ LEDs in a sequential pattern captures immediate attention.


While the interior received minor changes including updated switch mechanisms and precision instrument needles, perhaps the most immediate change one will notice is the inclusion of "quilted leather" and matching "Alcantara" headliner material.


The R8 Audi  5.2 liter, V10, 550 HP engine package provides for a robust drive and an overall impressive performance.  The most significant change is the one made to the gear box which remains integral to the double clutch automatic transmission.  The design is both lighter and more compact which enhances the R8's performance. Audi will utilize the new "S-Tronic 7 Speed" twin-clutch transmission unit for this new 2014 generation Audi R8.  It provides for improved acceleration and enhanced fuel economy.  This replaces the old "R-Tronic" automated manual transmission which was known for slow shifting and somewhat shaky engagement.  The eight cylinder engine is dynamic and easily handles its aluminum/magnesium body structure which weighs in the neighborhood of 3,500 lbs.


The evolution of the Audi R8 is stunning made through its refined enhancements.  The revised styling combined with a new dual-clutch transmission and the addition of a V10 Plus model creates a 2014 Audi R8 certainly worthy of its $125K – $175K price tag.



Audi – 2014 R8 Stats



Engine/Motor:  5.2L V10, 550 HP


Transmission:  S-Tronic 7 Speed" twin-clutch transmission


Sprint Timing (0-60 Time):  3.5 Seconds


Drivetrain:  All-Wheel


Seating Capacity:  2


Max Speed:  200 MPH


Estimated MPG:  12 mpg/city



Audi – 2014 R8

Audi 2013 S6

Audi 2013 S6 Sedan Images

AUDI – The 2013 Audi lineup of V-8–powered S models is growing especially in its S segment. Of the four models with the new twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8, the 420-hp S7 is the attraction, and the 520-hp S8 is the big instigator with lots of extra bells and whistles.  But its the S6 gathering alot of the attention.


The Audi S6 Avant makes the four-door S6 as the serious performance sedan. Under its shell, it is virtually identical to the S7. But due to the lack of a hatch and its slightly more compact dimensions, the S6 weighs about 100 fewer pounds, and it has a slightly slimmer track. The chassis materials are identical, however, and so are the motor and the transmission.

The new Audi S6 has bulked up a bit compared to its ancestor, gaining about 128 pounds. But considering the additional electronics and driver aids onboard, that's not too shabby. A body includes approximately 22 percent aluminum lightens the load, while the new chassis which locates the motor farther rearward helps the latest S6 respond more crisply as it enters the cornersThe OEM claims the 2013 Audi S6 can dash from zero to 60 mph in less than 4.8 seconds, a full second quicker than the former V10-powered model. Yet even with its quicker acceleration, the 4.0-liter also delivers improved fuel economy to the tune of 20+ mpg in combined city/highway driving.


The S6 has a more balanced and stable feeling in its cornering ability even with its narrower frame. The slightly additional weight beyond the rear of the S7 may be an attributing factor.  For this particular exercise the S6 had Pirelli tires and the S7 had the Yokohama rubber although both equal in newness.

The Audi S6, S7, and S8 start at $71,900, $78,800, and $110,000, respectively.

The A6, A7, and A8 start at $42,200, $60,100, and $72,200, respectively.


YouTube The New 2013 Audi S6 – 3.7 Seconds 0-60 @ Harper Audi – YouTube
Check out Audi's exhilarating new S6 commercial. Voted BEST SPORTS SEDAN OVER BMW AND MERCEDES! Available for order today at Harper Audi. 9735 Kingston Pike Knoxville www … View Video


Audi 2013 S6

2012 Geneva Motor Show: 2012 Audi TT RS Plus

2012 Audi TT RS Plus

Question: How can you be one of the centers of attentions on the floor of 2012 Geneva Motor Show? It is easy because you have to make sure that you are in red and has sporty style in the maximum level. Yup… that is how you describe the 2012 Audi TT RS Plus where the Ingolstadt automaker revealed its toppest range of the lineup which covered in ferociously red and definitely looks threatening! But, if you don’t know that you are encountering the 2012 TT RS Plus, you might think that you are dealing with regular coupe sportscar that has body kit and red wheels.

2012 Audi TT RS Plus interior and engine

If you can’t afford to buy Porsche Cayman R with its mid-mounted boxer engine or the Nissan GT-R with its V6 engine, the 2012 TT RS Plus is pretty much a deal for you as the performance is closes as perfect for mid-class coupe. The German coupe is powered by the 2.5L TFSI powerplant which able give total power output around 360 horsepower which is 20 horsepower more than the standard TT RS. Well, pretty much explains the “Plus” name, eh?

2012 Audi TT RS Plus rear view

The particular engine under the hood of the 2012 Audi TT RS Plus is mated to S-Tronic transmission which easily delivers the German coupe sportscar from 0 to 100km/h 0r 62 mph in just 4.1 seconds. According to autoevolution.com, there automatic transmission comes as an option and it can sprint in 4.3 seconds which not much of difference, right? The basic Germany price tag for the 2012 TT RS Plus is €60,650 ($79,556) for the manual and the S-Tronic worth €62,800 ($82,377). The drop-top manual is going to cost you around €63,500 or €65,650 ($83,295-$86,115) which equips with auto box with launch control.

Audi Q7

Audi Q7 spyshots

Step on it Audi as other already wrapping up their final touches on their new vehicles. Recognize that oversize front fascia? That big front fascia belongs to the prototype of the next Audi Q7 which if we count it right, it will the 2nd generation of the German full-size SUV. The Ingolstadt automaker needs to speed things up and taking the advantage of the recalling that targeted the 2011-2012 Porsche Cayenne over headlights problem.  So, what do we get besides the fact that Audi is using the winter to abuse the prototype of the 2nd gen of Q7?

Audi Q7 spyshots side view

As we mentioned earlier, the fender is beefier and autoevolution.com reported that the front overhang kind of shorter. But, the real changes are hidden from our eyes as Audi cleverly put it under the skin as the German carmaker is said to reinvent – is it the same with reborn? – the Q7 to be the full-size SUV, not carrying compact model anymore.

Audi Q7 spyshots rear view

If Audi Q7 enters its final finishing stages, the German SUV could be lighter as the Ingolstadt automaker puts the prototype into one strict diet program in order to achieve final weight loss of 400kg or 880 lbs. Not really a surprise as the VW Groups has been applying that diet method on their other brands as well which includes the VW Touareg and Cayenne. We have zero info on the engine, but we expect that Audi might use its newly developed biturbo diesel engine. Hurry up Audi as Honda already announced its European CR-V to go for sale this autumn.