Tuning Series Porsche: 911 in Matte Army Green Wrap

Porsche 911 Matte Army Green

Porsche 911 is one of those vehicles that look more than good after customization. We brought you the Chinese custom styling of wrapping this German sportscar with gold sheet, and now, it is time the tuning house from US – Vinyl Styles which tries to give new look to the 911. You see, not matter how old  a Porsche 911 is, it is always successfully makes people turn their head around for more than 5 seconds of staring. Adding aftermarket styling, the 911 is reborn into something else which again, always makes us admire the German sportscar more than before.

What Vinyl Styles done to the Porsche 911 is applying a matte army green wrap. The sportscar is the 996 generation which is the 911 from two generations before. It is like we take a ride on a time machine as we admire the 911 with matte army green wrap. The original look on the Porsche 911 is actually not this threatening, but more like calm with hidden performance under its hood. But Vinyl Styles awaken the other personalities of the German sportscar.

The cosmetic changes on the Porsche 911 that according to autoevolution.com are including the matte army green wrapping, set of custom wheels in multi-spoke design and black finish where all are perfect match with the front grilles. No tweaking on the engine and performance which we believe that the German sportscar still powered by the V6 powerplant.