Turning Series: Armor Tech from Russia for Audi A8 L

Audi A8 L gets Armor Tech from Russia

Audi A8 L somehow related to Jason Statham on “The Transporter” movie series. But… Jason Statham might want to get his hands on the Audi A8 L by ArmorTech. That is right… The Russian ArmorTech tuning company offers unique stretched armored Audi A8 L which we believe will steal all the attentions on the street.

Before giving the Audi A8 L a make-over, ArmorTech was working on the Bentley Mulsanne. Similar to its previous project, ArmorTech spent much of his time on the detail and high level modifications on the Audi A8 L. If we judge from the photo, you probably agree with us by saying that the Audi A8 L is quite long, but the guys at ArmorTech will say big “NO” to us. ArmorTech added an extra 400mm to the length of the Audi A8 by extending both front and rear doors. Wow… is it an Audi A8 or a Weiner dog?

More length on the Audi A8 L means ArmorTech has added 150mm to the front doors while the rest was added at the rear compartment. The engineers at ArmorTech guarantee that the appropriate technical changes were made to the Audi A8 L to adapt with its new (long) features. The changes here were referring to the modifications at the braking system and chassis in order to support the extra weight of the Audi A8 L.

ArmorTech has not forget that Audi A8 L is all about luxury, and that is why luxury features such as a retractable glass panel to the separate the front compartment from the rear has been added, also there is a wood veneer trim with a media center.

ArmorTech offers more for those who are interested to buy their Audi A8 L. A B6 protection level is ready to be installed by ArmorTech on the Audi A8 L. The B6 protection level means bullet proof glass, explosive-resistant high-strength steel, and Kevlar materials. ArmorTech does not change the Audi A8 L engine which means that if you pop the hood; you will see a 6.3L W12 that manages to pull out 500 horsepower. So, the Audi A8 L from ArmorTech definitely come in handy for some wealthy socialite, but we just pretty satisfied writing about the Audi A8 L.

Bentley Mulsanne Limousine by ArmorTech

Bentley Mulsanne Lamborghini by ArmorTech

Bentley Mulsanne has been known as luxury car. Ask the guys over the Bentley about the interior space, safety and stance of the vehicles they produce and tell you that you are dealing with the best in the business. However, it seems like Russians beg to differ. And what is the meaning of that?

It is simple and interesting! Russian car armor specialist – ArmorTech Motors Group – has created a stretched version of the Bentley Mulsanne luxury limousine, also offering armored incarnation of the custom.

Bentley Mulsanne Limousine by ArmorTech - side view

ArmorTech gave the Bentley Mulsanne luxury limousine an extra 1,150 mm (45 inches), so the interior literally become a house on wheels. And it seems like the company aimed to make it a duplex, as customers can also tick a roof raise option box, which will bring an extra 100 mm (3.9 inches) in height, allowing you to bring your favorite… Uh… camel with you.

The customers who have mercy on their chauffeurs can also opt for an entry-level stretch on the Bentley Mulsanne luxury limousine by ArmorTech (if we can refer it this way), which will bring 500 mm (20 inches) of length to the luxury game.

Bentley Mulsanne Limousine by ArmorTech - rear view

Bentley Mulsanne luxury limousine by ArmorTech also upgrades the tech of part vehicle, playing with the brakes, suspension and chassis, in order to make sure that the vehicles offers a proper handling and level comfort. Like we said in introduction, you can choose the Bentley Mulsanne luxury limousine by ArmorTech armor plated. Regardless of this, the interior on the Bentley Mulsanne luxury limousine can receive a royal treatment, being fitted with a separation wall, a fresh design, as well as an array of electronic goodies.