All-Wheel Drive for BMW Z2 Drive Roadster

2011 BMW Z4

BMW Z2 roadster has not been revealed the concept yet, but we just can’t help not to bring this issue to you. You would think the hardcore rear-wheel drive carmakers like BMW would have no trouble making a RWD sports car really attractive, but it seems that this isn’t really the case. It looks like the Bavarians have a compact model on the way and it will reportedly put its power down using all four corners.

According to our buddies at CAR Magazine, the entry-level roadster will take on the likes of the Miata and its main selling point will be the price tag for BMW which they are planning on the BMW Z2 roadster. We don’t really agree with the idea, as all-wheel drive cars always handle differently from RWD ones and the Mazda is already one of the best handling cars on the market today. However, we do agree that BMW has a problem when it comes to making affordable roadsters and it always has.

BMW’s Chairman is reportedly on board with the idea of using the architecture of the next-generation MINI for the BMW Z2 roadster and the project seems like a good idea, given the fact that the Group will save money if they use the same architecture.

The main problem we foresee is that cars like this – BMW Z2 roadster – should be designed with the heart, not on a budget. While dreaming up a new body for an existing SUV platform, or adding a boot to a four-door might work, sports cars need to be light and purposeful and can’t really be budget-minded.

BMW Z2 roadster will likely use BMW’s new 2.0-liter turbocharged engines or the 1.6-liter from the new 1-Series. Diesel powertrains are also part of the plan, but its all speculation until we can figure out where the chassis will be sourced from. What is a certainty is that the BMW Z2 roadster will end up hitting the market as a roadster first and a coupe later.