BMW 750 Li by Tuningwerk

Tuningwerk BMW 750 Li

We always know that tuning houses have certain things for German cars and this time, Tuningwerk shares us its latest creation in the form of BMW 750 Li. No, it’s merely not body kit, but an overall modification in and out. Now, how many tuning houses that offer two units of engine modification? The answer is some, right? And one of them is happen to be Tuningwerk. That’s right, Tuningwerk gave it all for the 7-Series sedan in the form of glorious two specially-tuned engines.

Tuningwerk BMW 750 Li engine

The Stage I of tuning pack for the BMW 750 Li by Tuningwerk is able to deliver 530 horsepower, as for the Stage II offers 720 horsepower. How is that for extra horsepower for the sedan, huh? Okay, here are the technical figures for both packages for the 750 Li sedan. The Stage I reaches 0 to 62 mph in just 4.2 seconds with top speed at 192.5 mph/310 km/h. Taking the Bimmer for a sprint with Stage II inside it will hit 0 to 62 mph in just 3.5 seconds with top speed around 217 mpg/350 km/h.

Tuningwerk BMW 750 Li interior

The fierce and mean BMW 750 Li by Tuningwerk also has upgraded parts to handle all the massive powers in the form of carbon-ceramic brakes system which we think that is state-of-the-art stopping system that connected to 396 mm rotors at the front axle. Tuningwerk applied some carbon fiber parts for the 750 Li that will be transforming the outer look of the sedan.