C Class 2015 – Mercedes Benz

C Class 2015


The next-generation Mercedes-Benz C Class Sedan Prototype has been seen once again.  The 2015 C Class includes some "minor revisions" to the overall shape and design of Mercedes previous model.  The new C Class will have distinctly styled trim levels.  The Benz platform – W205 will capture the new C Class which will be the first car to be included in Mercedes Benz new MRA “Mercedes rear-wheel drive” architecture.  The 2015 MY Mercedes Next-Gen C Class Sedan will first arrive in Europe during the spring of 2014.



As a continuation of the C63 AMG, Mercedes plans to have two renditions of the M157, a twin turbo charged V-8 @ 5.5 liter.  Mercedes engineers feel that this will generate between 450 hp and 525 hp.  The base vehicle will have a 1.6-liter engine which pumps out at 150 hp.  A  turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 engine will also be available manufacturing up to 330 hp.  The four-cylinder M274 engines are based on the current B-class (M270).  A 2.0-liter engine pushing 206 hp is targeted for the Hybrid model.  A high-performance AMG model will come complete with a twin-turbocharged 5.5-liter V-8 engine.  Mercedes engineers are estimating around 450 horsepower for the V-8 package.


The drivetrain will likely be an 8 or potentially even a 9 speed automatic fitted.  A turbocharged 1.8 liter engine is envisioned for the base model.  The V-6 engine will stay along with a plethura of diesel engines including a new hybrid variety.  The hybrid will include two four cylinder engines with an electric motor.  The motor will be postioned in between the gearbox and engine.  Similar to the 2013 SL Class, the new C Class will grow on a lighter material structure.  Both aluminium and composite materials will be utilised.


Based on the prototype it appears that Mercedes C Class designers are taking a conservative approach in regards to the styling of the new vehicle.  In a nutshell, Mercedes is taking BMW’s lead (from the 2012 3-Series ) by maintaining the previous model’s overall shape and size but detailing matters a bit more.  The body appears more horizontal and stretched while the headlights are current and functional.  The rear of the vehicle remains a mystery but it appears to be heading towards a cross between the CLS and new SL Class Styling.  Its interior has been vastly upgraded.  Shrouded parts are evident for the exterior as well for most of the interior affected components.  A "sport package" will be included which was concept driven and developed in conjunction with AMG.


In  late 2014 or perhaps the following year the new C Class will be manufactured at the Mercedes’ plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  It is expected that both wagon and coupe models will be produced  along with a first new C Class Convertible design.  Twenty Percent of its overall production will come out of Mercedes Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant.  The 2015 C Class is being marketed for consumers in the USA so the Alabama connection is a real positive.  Manufacturing overseas has its benefits in regards to cost, however the local U.S. plant can provide fast delivery along eliminating any overseas shipping expenses.  Vehicles in the U.S. will arrive in the fall of 2014 for the wagon and coupe models.



Other key design items and historical info:

Ø  A refresh of the C class occured in 2012.

Ø  The last full overhaul hasn't taken place since 2008.

Ø  The C class has become one of the most important models in Mercedes brand lineup.


Ø Next to the C Class, the E-class is the most relevant to Mercedes.

Ø  The current C is available as a sedan, station wagon, coupe.

Ø  All future SUV models will share the RWD-based Mercedes-Benz MRA.

Ø  A new generation of gasoline engines will become available for the 2015 C Class.


Ø  The OM651 (1.8 liter four-cylinder 140 hp diesel engine) or a 180-hp – 215-hp, 2.1-liter will be available.


Ø  Key vehicles of competition include the:  Cadillac ATS, Infiniti G, Volvo S60, BMW 3-series and the Audi A4.

C Class

Lamborghini 2015 Urus SUV Review

Pictures of Urus

The Cadillac Escalade Platinum has been a fixture for pro-athletes, rappers, movie stars, rock stars and the new Lamborghini Urus could very well be a suitable alternative for this genre.  Further customization of the Urus will put it in a unique market niche for the very wealthy.  Lamborghini‘s superstar SUV will be an aggressive car with a angular stance and a superior interior.  The Urus will be quite costly and someone looking for a similar vehicle in the same market niche might find the BMW X5, X6, Range Rover or the Mercedes M-Class easier on the wallet.  The Urus is going to be an expensive vehicle for the very, very wealthy which will be built in China.  China is known for minting more millionaires than any other country in the world in case you didn't know.

The Urus was originally unveiled at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show.  It is believed that the Lamborghini Urus will compete with the Porsche Cayenne on a similar level.  Target markets include the Russia, the US, the UK, Germany, the Middle East and China.  The Urus will compete well in its market niche by offering a lighter curb weight.  Both the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7 will be alternative vehicles of choice for the smart consumer.  The Urus will be known for its power underneath the hood with the size of an SUV.

Some feel the Urus looks similar to the Ford Focus or Range Rover Evoque side-on, BMW X6 from the rear.  Some have even suggested if it comes in black it could resemble the Bat Mobile.  Lamborghini vows the Urus will be the lightest and best-handling vehicle in the segment.

Lamborghini represents the place where passion overwhelms business sense and has lost money for decades and is only somewhat profitable today.  Lamborghini's vintage, heritage and image are still held as the pinnacle of sports cars.  This keeps the capital investment moneys flowing for a vehicle such as the Urus.  The biggest hurdle facing Lamborghini is to differentiate the Urus from Audi and Porsche if it must use the same basic materials.  Lamborghini has always offered too much opulence and car for most of its drivers.  The Lamborghini Urus has a great opportunity for success if it doesn't break the bank.

Design Intent Urus Features:

  • The Lamborghini Urus SUV will offer an output of approximately 600hp.
  • The dash is slated to be carbon-fiber with a mesh of touchscreen controls.  It will also feature a bright red gear shifter
  • The seats appear sectional and unique
  • The Urus will have 4 seats like Range Rover’s Evoque
  • The rear headroom is going to be low based on the vehicle profile
  • Beneath its hood will be a 5.2-liter V10 engine and approximate 584 hp
  • The Urus has a 600-hp power target and 3,000/vehicles per year @ $200,000 each
  • The Urus and the Bentley EXP 9F are similar in design.
  • Stealth-fighter "like" intakes
  • Geometric wheel openings
  • A tall hatchback shape
  • The tail-lights which appear very similar to the Estoque

It is widely suggested that sister brand Bentley and Italian rival Maserati will likely enter the SUV niche market.  Despite this scenario Lamborghini expects its SUV to become the top-selling model because of strong demand in China, the United States, Europe, Russia and the Middle East.  Porsche's success is envied which now relies on its Cayenne SUV for more than 50% of its total world sales.  As automakers introduce new models in China sales have been soaring and thus the Urus has a real good chance.  Up to ½ of the 3000 vehicles/annum may be targeted for the United States market. Lamborghini is looking for the approval of its corporate parent Audi to put the Urus on sale in late 2015.  If Lamborghini can sell the Turbo V8 vs a V10 it could avoid the 2015 regulations in Europe and elsewhere that makes engines of multiple cylinders challenging to sell through the fuel economy regulations.  The 600 hp seems to be the minimum size Lamborghini would implement.  Lamborghini is hoping to reach 5,000 units a year. In 2011 Lamborghini had total global sales of 1,600 units amongst its current models (Gallardo and Aventador coupes and roadsters)