The latest specs information of 2011 VW Amarok

A few days ago, a division of Volkswagen in the UK leaked specs for 2011 VW Amarok. This Pickup is trying to become the king in its segment. So, what are the reforms contained in the 2011 VW Amarok?

2011 VW Amarok comes with offering two engine options, a 2.0-liter TDI and a 2.0-liter Bi-turbo TDI. A 2.0-liter TDI engine capable of producing 122 hp, and can you drive it the speed of 0-60 mph in 13.7 seconds. While the 2.0-liter Bi-turbo TDI engine can produce 163, 2.6 seconds faster when driven from 0-60 mph (11.1 seconds). Both engines are matched by the maximum towing weight of this pickup. For 2011 VW Amarok with permanent 4MOTION, the maximum towing weight is 2800 kg, while for models with selectable 4MOTION, the maximum towing weight is 2690 kg.

For the exterior design, 2011 VW Amarok, give a little change. This pickup offers several new components, such as a front bumper trim, 19-inch alloy wheels, stainless steel side rails, etc. For the interior, 2011 VW Amarok is equipped with a lockable toolbox designed to fit between the wheelarches. In addition, the pickup has 2 choices covers, tonneau covers and a complete body-colored hardtop. For the tonneau covers, you can choose several kinds, such as a soft waterproof cover, body-colored aluminum or hard plastic covers.

To provide protection on the exterior and interior components of 2011 VW Amarok, VW prepares seat covers and rubber or carpet floor Mats. In addition, the pickup is also equipped with parking sensors, gearbox and underbody protection packs, mud flaps, etc. Well, according to you how the performance of 2011 VW Amarok? We hope you enjoy this information. Have a nice day dear reader.