Is it true Porsche will create a new concept car?

Porsche wanted to continue to compete with its rivals such as McLaren, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. To that end, Porsche tried to create a new concept car with mid engine. The problem, the project is still just a discourse, because, Volkswagen, the parent company has not granted permission.

If the project is to be executed, then the concept car will be sold at a cheap and produced by a finite number. This car seems to be a combination of the Porsche 918 Spyder and 911. The engineers at Porsche have designed the car. But according to Mathias Muller, Porsche boss, if the project was not approved because of the possibility of financial factors.

A little leak from the Porsche, these cars will use CFRP as its main materials. Of course, the use of CFRP is to reduce the weight of the concept car. Moreover, Porsche has often created the light cars, such as 911 GT2 RS and Carrera GT.

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  1. Based on a couple of sites I’ve seen I’ve come across figures that say Japanese as well as Korean vehicle producers build more reliable cars than European producers. How’s this possible? I’d have thought European cars could be more reliable as you are usually having to pay a greater cost.

  2. of course, i understand super little about either maker, or automotives generally. nevertheless, my pal and that i are quarrelling concerning the positioning from the engine within the two makers’ automobiles. he swears that both makers put the engine within the rear or center of their automobiles. i do not doubt this is correct of the majority of the automobiles but i am certain i have come across some automobiles by both makers which have a front-finish mounted engine. like a sidenote, his ONLY supply of info for his side from the argument may be the gaming FORZA MOTORSPORT. thanks.

  3. Hello ,

    I am talking about – may be the suspension utilized in normal cars are just like utilized in racing cars or could they be different ?


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  10. Why could american vehicle companies not determine that people wanted better gas-mileage and much more reliability from our cars.

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    Can One disconnect my quick start cable once the two cars continue to be running? This way I’m able to drive the vehicle for an auto shop and also have the battery changed.



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    2.) What new cars have bumpers which are another piece that may be changed individually and stand out a minimum of one inch or two in the vehicle? No Sports utility vehicles or trucks.

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  25. My mother states should you leave your cars ac on whenever you turn the vehicle off, therefore it instantly is on whenever you turn your vehicle on, it affects the engine. Is the fact that true or perhaps is she filled with Baloney? It may sound like complete Baloney in my experience.

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