The Cayenne S Hybrid, First Porsche’s Hybrid Car

7 years ago, Porsche marketed their first SUV, the Cayenne. Since then, the Cayenne becomes one of the best-selling cars, even nearly reached the number of 300 thousand units worldwide. To keep the competition, Porsche continues to develop the better Cayenne. This year, Porsche introduced the 2011 new-generation Cayenne, the Cayenne S Hybrid. Then, what would be offered by Porsche on this product?

As first Porsche’s hybrid car, the Cayenne S Hybrid is no less when compared to the Cayenne S. Although this hybrid car just uses V6 engine combined with the Electrical engines, but its speed can match V8 engine speeds of the Cayenne S. This car could produce 333 hp (can even reach 380 hp if both engines running), and able to reach a speed of 100 KMH in a time of 6.2 seconds. This car also uses the latest transmission, 8-Speed Tiptronic S Automatic Transmission, same as used on the Porsche Panamera.

In addition, the Cayenne S Hybrid is equipped with a downhill mode; the system which will shut down both engines as they pass the down road to save fuel. This hybrid car also includes an environmentally friendly car with a CO2 emission rate is only 193 grams / km.

How much for this car? The Cayenne S Hybrid sold with the benchmark price of $ 55 thousand to $ 118 thousand. This efficient, fast, and environmentally friendly car is very worthy to fill your home garage.

12 thoughts on “The Cayenne S Hybrid, First Porsche’s Hybrid Car”

  1. I can not appear to locate many impartial reviews of compounds, so can someone just weigh the benefits and drawbacks for me personally? 🙂

    I have heard that compounds are extremely costly to keepOrrestore and might not be as cost-effective as marketed. Any opinions on these could be good!

  2. I’ve observed the compounds cost $10,000 to $12,000 more for the similar style vehicle that’s gasoline powered. I am unable to discover any information that blogs about the maintainence cost mile for mile of the differing types of cars. I don’t entitled to the tax rebate to buy a hybrid. So shall we be held saving cash or otherwise basically purchase one?

  3. I must perform a rough draft for any chemistry project and I’ve had no luck finding information to date. My subject would be to explain caffeine responses that exist in both a hybrid vehicle along with a regular vehicle to be able to do a comparison. Knowing anything, help. Websites an internet-based sources could be appreciated.

  4. I’m thinking about purchasing a hybrid vehicle, but am unsure how good we’ve got the technology is developed and when the shops are equiped to keep these automobiles.

  5. I have to understand what a Hybrid vehicle is perfect for a wager. Could it be a mixture from a Vehicle along with a Vehicle or perhaps is it the mixture from a fuel and electric engine?

  6. I am divided about this. I love the quiet noise from the hybrid vehicle (which honestly, when coming in the future, I fight to think that individuals who’re blind and have other sight issues can’t listen to it) and hate super noisy engines.

    I realize it’s to really make it simpler for individuals, but is not this dependent on the motive force requiring to give consideration towards the pedestrian too? What is your opinion?

  7. Recall the South Park episode concerning the Smug, the compounds, the storm, and all you just saw. Upon the aftermath of either storm Ondoy and storm Peping, don’t let blame the purchase and importation of hybrid automobiles towards the Philippines for leading to all of this damage? Consider the South Park episode you saw arrived reality… Will the compounds selling within the Philippines triggered all of this havoc? There are saw a South Park episode about compounds, just watch it to think it…

  8. I keep listening to compounds along with a friend explained they were not really far better for that atmosphere. So I wish to know if they’re really worthwhile.

  9. Do you know the disadvantages of compounds?

    i’m thinking about buying a 2004 Toyota highlander (hybrid). However i am worried since i learned about some negative stuff about compounds, such as the battery expires faster for instance. So must i obtain a regular highlander or perhaps a hybrid one?

  10. I understand that compounds are created to consume fuel limited to greater speeds and don’t need gas for ignition and idling. Therefore I’m wondering whether it might be easy to operate a hybrid vehicle at under 25 kmph and therefore never use any gas for that journey.

    Would the work, and when just how would battery get billed if you don’t use the brake too frequently?

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